Carnival time, coriander time! The best recipes


How to use the coriander in the kitchen? It depends on whether we have it in our hands fresh coriander leaves or coriander seeds to be used whole or ground. With ours recipes with coriander that we have collected below, you will know how to bring fragrant and tasty dishes to the table!

Coriander is generally used to make vegetables like veggies more appetizing eggplant or the carrots oh Greek-style champignon mushroomsbut also cheeses (try the goat cheese with herbs!). Legumes will have an extra edge thanks to coriander, as in the case of quinoa with chickpeas.

It becomes precious in first courses such as basmati rice with lemon and in second courses of meat or fish such as spiced salmon and the cod with mint.

Let’s say that it is used a bit in the same way as parsley and is the protagonist of many Indian dishes like these potatoes meatball (aloo tikki).

Ground, however, coriander can become an excellent ingredient for flavoring desserts such as curry biscuits.

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