Chocolate eggs: the best brands on the market


What are the best chocolate Easter eggs to buy this year to give as a gift or to treat yourself? On the market you can find chocolate eggs for all tastes, ranging from the classics with very fine milk chocolate or dark or white chocolate to the more particular ones enriched with chopped dried fruit, with salted caramel, pralines, marbled or filled. But which ones to choose?

And here is our selection of the best chocolate eggs that you can buy in supermarkets to give your loved ones and friends one of your most loved symbols of Easter. Obviously we took into consideration the quality of the chocolate with which these Easter eggs were produced.

The best brands of chocolate eggs

Homemade dark chocolate easter egg

Chocolate egg: here are the best you can buy at the supermarketPhoto Shutterstock | margouillat photo

If you still don’t know which type of chocolate eggs to choose to give as gifts to children, or to friends or relatives, here is a small list of the best brands of very fine, quality chocolate eggs that will surely make everyone happy! These are chocolate eggs that you can also buy in supermarkets.

  • Venchi Easter Eggs
  • Majani Easter Eggs
  • Easter Egg Backpacks
  • Lindt Easter egg
  • Easter eggs Baci Perugina

Certainly there is a fact to underline, if you have the possibility to choose a artisanal and handmade chocolate egg, that is not industrial and made in a factory, but handmade by skilled expert craftsmen in the sector, you are on the safe side in terms of quality and originality. You can find these types of creations in the most famous pastry shops and in the chocolate shops of the most renowned pastry chefs, such as Iginio Massari, Antonino Cannavacciuolo or Ernst Knam.

Precisely this last chocolate chef, the famous pastry chef Ernst Knam, this year for Easter he wanted to amaze his customers and created the Bee Egg, in 70% Peruvian Pachiza dark chocolate with white chocolate beehives, bees in yellow cocoa butter and various details made of sugar paste completed with a mixture in dark chocolate.

Finally, if you’ve felt like testing your skills and want to create a Homemade chocolate Easter eggthen all you have to do is follow the chocolate egg recipe which you can find at the indicated link. This year Easter will be even more special if you bring to the table or give as a gift this symbol of the holiday made with your own hands!

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