Clams for spaghetti, watch out! Only in this way can you understand if they are very fresh: a method used by all chefs which works immediately


Here is finally revealed the infallible method to understand that the clams for spaghetti are really fresh: so you won’t make mistakes again!

In summer you just can’t do without a nice plate of spaghetti with clams. Just a forkful is enough to immediately feel at the seaside! But be careful, because to prepare a delicious recipe you first need to choose the right raw materials.

This means, therefore, that it is necessary to select only some very fresh clamsotherwise we risk not only ruining the recipe, but also facing a series of dangers for our health.

Therefore, it is important to prevent this from happening to us too know how to choose clams when purchased at the supermarket or fishmonger. Here is finally revealed foolproof method to take only the freshest ones.

Clams for spaghetti: the infallible method to understand if they are very fresh

When cooking we should always make sure to bring only the freshest and top quality products to our tables, especially if you are preparing fish. Otherwise, you risk facing quite a few health problems. In this regard, today we want to give you some tips help you choose only the best clams. This way, you can prepare delicious spaghetti!

method for recognizing very fresh clams

The infallible method to recognize when clams are very fresh (

First, at the time of purchase the molluscs must be alive and viable. Therefore, you must take a good look at the valves and check that they are tightened or at most slightly ajar. Furthermore, to be really sure of their freshness when you go to clean and cook them you should notice some resistance to cutting the muscles. The body must be perfectly adherent to the shell, with vivid and shiny colors.

As soon as you open them you should see them shrink and the liquid inside should appear nice and clear with its characteristic fresh fish smell. In any case, in addition to these very important details that can tell you whether a clam is fresh or not, to be one hundred percent sure that you have purchased a quality product, all you have to do is immerse the clams in a solution of water and salt.

If they are really fresh these will hatch rather quickly, otherwise it means that the valves were not very fresh. To remedy the problem you can add some fresh water and they should still be able to hatch, in order to clean them of the sand. One last trick: if the clams open quickly during cooking then there is no doubt, they are really fresh!

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