Dessert of the day: ricotta dessert ready in 5 minutes


What to prepare today as a quick and easy dessert if you only have 5 minutes? Don’t worry, we at ButtaLaPasta tell you! In fact, we have chosen for you a really fast, very quick recipe for a delicious dessert that you can prepare in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is find out what it is and go into the kitchen to make it with your own hands!

But first discover the recipes of…

At this point let’s see how to prepare our sweet recipe of the day, a delicacy so easy and quick that anyone can make!

Today’s quick and easy dessert is ricotta with honey and blackberries

bowls with honey ricotta
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And here’s how to prepare a cup of honey ricotta with blackberry sauce. The dessert is simple, it can be made in just a few minutes and you can present it at the table as a genuine dessert at the end of the meal, or you can enjoy it as an afternoon snack.

Use a type of quality ricotta, and if you love strong flavors you can also use sheep’s ricotta or a mixed one.

To decorate everything you can use blackberry sauce, but raspberries or currants also lend themselves to perfectly completing this delicious and simple to make dessert!

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