Do you need instant yeast for your last minute pizza? Here’s how to do it at home, super effective


Do you want to go to the square but haven’t yet made the mass rise? There is an instant solution to have the homemade square immediately.

When you feel like a last minute homemade pizza, homemade instant yeast can be the perfect solution to obtain a soft and tasty dough without having to wait a long time. With just a few common ingredients, you can make your own custom instant yeast and enjoy delicious homemade pizza in record time.

How to prepare instant yeast for pizza

To prepare yours homemade pizza in a few minutes make sure you have all the necessary ingredients, in this article we will show you what they are and the correct procedure to have a light and fluffy pizza, like those leavened for hours.

Ingredients for Homemade Instant Yeast:

  • 90g cream of tartar
  • 90 g of corn starch or rice flour or potato starch (inert substance for preserving)
  • 45 g of sodium bicarbonate

Procedure for preparing homemade instant yeast

Follow these simple steps to get a perfect result:

  1. First, start by taking a bowl or a clean, dry container.
  2. Enter all the ingredients: the Cream of tartarL’cornstarch or rice flour (or potato starch) and the sodium bicarbonate in the bowl.
quick yeast for soft pizza

With this yeast you will get a soft and light pizza (

3.Thoroughly mix the dry ingredients until thoroughly combined. Make sure to break up any lumps in the cream of tartar.

4.Once you have obtained a homogeneous mixtureyour homemade instant yeast is ready to use.

How to use instant yeast in pizza dough

Now that you’ve made your instant yeast, you can use it in your last minute pizza dough, find out how below.

Prepare the ingredients for the pizza dough, including flour, water, oil, salt and, of course, homemade instant yeast. Next, in a large bowl, mix the flour with the other dry ingredients, such as salt. At this point you can add the liquid ingredients, add the water and oil gradually, continuing to mix until you obtain a smooth and elastic dough.

pizza ready in a few minutes

With this yeast you will get a pizza in a few minutes (

Now, add homemade instant yeast to the dough. Make sure to distribute it evenly while mixing. Continue kneading the dough until it becomes smooth and soft to the touch. At this point, the dough is ready to be rolled out and topped with your favorite pizza ingredients.

Benefits of Homemade Instant Yeast

  1. Preparation speed: Homemade instant yeast allows you to significantly reduce the dough’s rising times, making it ideal for a last-minute pizza.
  2. Easily available ingredients: All the ingredients needed to make homemade instant yeast are commonly available in supermarkets or grocery stores.
  3. Customization: By using homemade instant yeast you can avoid any unwanted additives or preservatives.

In conclusion, homemade instant yeast is a great alternative for those who want to prepare a last minute pizza. With this recipe, you can obtain a soft and light dough, ready to be topped with your favorite ingredients and enjoyed in no time. Experiment with this super effective solution for a homemade pizza without sacrificing flavor and quality! Enjoy your meal!

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