Houseplants will grow like charm: Use bread fertilizer. It’s a miracle


Everyone knows that banana peels are good for maids. But the fact that bread can also benefit them may be news to most people. Jana Bucharová will tell you what other home remedies can be used as fertilizer in the iReceptář do úcha podcast.

Not just maids
While some houseplants need a bit of rest over the winter, others will do well with fertilizer. Why not make it from something you already have at home anyway? You will need nothing but bread and water. Now in the winter you are mainly devoted to maids, but when the season comes, the fertilizer made from bread will also benefit the plants grown outside – peonies, gladiolus or irises.

Why bread?
Yeast, without which bread would not be possible, has an effect on plants. It contains various minerals, iron, other nutrients as well as growth stimulants. All of this together contributes to the creation of green mass, that is: the plants grow, have many leaves and generally thrive well.

How to make fertilizer
In order to make your own miracle fertilizer, you will need fresh bread, as well as dried bread, whether it is wheat or rye. Place the pieces of bread in a container of water. If some light pieces float in it, weigh them down. Then let the bread stand at room temperature for a week, strain the liquid through cheesecloth, dilute and you can start using it.

Where he doesn’t belong
Handle this fertilizer with care, pour it towards the roots and fertilize only young plants this way, as the solution could slow down the growth of older ones. In the garden, avoid using this fertilizer in autumn.

Not even yeast is to be thrown away
Anyone who bakes sourdough bread himself knows very well that during its production, some material is always left useless. However, if you mix it with water, you can also use it as a fertilizer – not for houseplants, but for example for tomatoes, because it contains a whole range of valuable substances such as iron, zinc, potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium. In addition, yeast contains a number of microorganisms that benefit plants and especially the soil.



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