How to make bananas last longer: the trick you don’t expect


You’re wondering how to make bananas last longer? There are several precautions you can follow to prevent the bananas from blackening and to keep them fresher for several days, even without putting them in the fridge. In fact, it is good to know how to store bananas correctly to prevent them from ripening too much too quickly, even if you buy a large quantity. Here are grandma’s tricks – tried and tested – that we reveal to you below and that we suggest you follow.

To avoid the risk of wasting food by making it spoil quickly, we’ll tell you briefly what you need to do to make bananas last longer. In fact, with these tips you will be able to know how to preserve bananas in the best way so that you can always enjoy them fresh and above all to prevent them from ripening too much too quickly, even if you buy a large quantity.

How to store bananas to make them last without blackening

If you too are among those who love bananas and cannot help but have this sweet and nutritious exotic fruit rich in beneficial properties at hand, you will certainly have wondered how to keep them always fresh and for a long time, preventing them from becoming immediately black.

So let’s start from the beginning, first of all you need to choose them well at the time of purchase. So, if you plan to consume them immediately for your recipes with bananas or in any case you buy a few, then you can take home even those that are already very yellow or have some brown spots on the peel. Obviously this means that they are already quite ripe and therefore should be consumed within a short time.

green banana flour

Here’s how to make bananas last longer – Shutterstock Photo | Luis Echeverri Urrea

On the contrary, the yellow bananas presenting the tips still green they are not very ripe and this means that they will keep for longer. In this case you can extend their life even further, with a simple trick.

What do you need to do to make bananas last longer? It’s actually quite simple: you have to wrap the stem with cling film or a piece of foil.

We also suggest that you Don’t damage them when you choose one to eat, so be careful how you detach it from the helmet. Then she remembers to never put them in the refrigerator and above all do not put them in the fruit bowl with the apples. In fact, the latter have the ability to make the other fruits that are nearby ripen more quickly.

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