How to make sourdough last longer: the ancient secret


We’ll reveal the ancient secret to the shelf life of sourdough. With these precautions you will no longer make mistakes in the kitchen and your sourdough will boast a shelf life to be envied! Did you know that a sourdough starter can last up to 100 years?


If it has just been given to you or you have decided to create your own by following our sourdough recipe to prepare the best leavened products, you absolutely need to know the way to make it last longer. Taking care of a sourdough starter is not impossible, although it may seem like an undertaking to try to make it last longer.

Read on to find out which secret it deals with!

How to store sourdough for long periods

It can be handed down from one’s family from generation to generation, it can be born in the hands of the best pizza chefs or bakers in the world or within the walls of a home kitchen: we are talking about the famous sourdough starter.

There are chefs who even boast a sourdough starter over 100 years old and this is only because I know the ancient secret… but what is it?

The key part is the nourishment: refreshing the sourdough starter allows you to keep it healthy for much longer. The so-called “bath” must be carried out every 48 hours or even every day, then a part of the yeast must be taken and refreshed with new flour and water.

That’s not all: if you want a long-lasting sourdough starter then you should definitely keep it in the refrigerator. You must always have a thermometer with you to be able to regulate the temperature of the water.

Another unmissable secret? Choose cream doughs, as they are easier to refresh!

And last, but not least, it takes a lot of patience to take care of a dough made from scratch. With the right precautions the results will be more than satisfactory!

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