How to remove sand from clams, the very easy and proven method (plus an unusual one you don’t know)


Let’s see how to remove sand from clams in this simple and essential guide to know how to purge clams perfectly.

Clams are the essential ingredients for making many tasty seafood recipes but often their cleaning discourages those who don’t have much time and desire to follow the classic method. Below you will find the right advice for remove the sand from the clams quickly in addition to the traditional method.

In this way you will be able to prepare the clams in the correct way and then proceed with the desired cooking and make these molluscs the protagonists of your most delicious recipes.

How to purge clams to remove sand quickly

Let’s start with the classic method which consists of placing the clams in a mixture of water and salt. First of all, select the clams one by one and eliminate those with open or broken shells which should be discarded and thrown away. Rinse the shellfish quickly under running water, then leave them to soak and throw away the water. Repeat this step several times shaking the clams so that they lose the excess sand.

When you no longer see sand on the bottom, place the selected clams in a colander and this should then be placed in a transparent container, add water and salt and let it rest for a couple of hours. You must use one liter of water for one kilo of clams and 30 grams of coarse salt. Shake the clams from time to time and change the water if you see that there is a lot of sand on the bottom, always adding salt in the indicated doses.

Spaghetti with clams recipe of the day

Spaghetti with clams –

Another method is touse flour. After following the previous method, add a spoonful of flour for each liter of water. This stimulates the clams to purge more sand. It is always advisable to rinse the water often until you no longer see traces of sand on the bottom.

Since it takes some time we suggest you proceed with it cleaning clams a day before you want to use them, for example to make a dish spaghetti with clams for the Sunday menu.

Finally, we bring you an unusual method that perhaps you are not familiar with, reported in a guide to molluscs created by the ULSS company of Vicenza. Here it is advisable to add one to the shellfish soaking water raw onion cut into 4 wedges. As in the case of flour, onion also stimulates the elimination of sand by the bivalves.

All you have to do is follow these simple methods and then prepare all the best ones delicious and easy recipes with clams worth trying if you like these molluscs with a delicate sea flavour.

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