Menu to celebrate a divorce: every left is lost


Some of you may be wondering: but this is exactly the case celebrate a divorce complete with an ad hoc menu and party with friends? Well yes, there are those who want to follow this trend and organize a beautiful one divorce party. Not so much to toast the end of the couple and the union, but to celebrate the new life as a singlewith all its opportunities.

No more melancholy, let’s get started menu to celebrate the end of a story with some vegetable tarts, they are as special as the occasion deserves! And since the wheel turns and luck in love will come for you too, accompany them with some swivels and other rustic puff pastry.

As for the first courses on your menu for the divorce partyhow about a delicious one pasta with radicchio cream? It’s ideal for getting rid of the bitterness of the finished story! Instead for fish lovers there is the seafood risottoto fish for new opportunities in the sea of ​​life!

As second dish we propose the Tunafish balls. The reason is quite simple to understand… Because it’s good to make a nice meatloaf of all the things that made you feel bad, to start a new life! Alternatively, also the Meat, fish and vegetarian skewers they are great for stabbing your luck!

From side some will do pan-fried spinach or mushrooms because they are rich in good nutrients, provide proteins and are low-calorie. This way you will be fitter than ever for your next conquests!

A cream tart it is the spectacular choice for you who want to amaze guests with a very scenic dessert. While the biscuits ugly but good with hazelnuts they are ideal for those who get straight to the point… Because it is not external beauty that is important, but the goodness that everyone keeps in their heart!

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