Our fruit at home is in great danger: this way you get rid of an incredible nuisance forever


Do you know that fruit at home is at great risk? Only by following these tips will you be able to eliminate this enormous nuisance forever!

The beautiful season means that truly juicy and wonderful fruits begin to appear on our tables: apples, pears, cherries, peaches, strawberries, bananas, blueberries and so on. All fruits so inviting that our mouths water just by looking at them. All of these, also to give an extra touch of color to our kitchen, are placed outside the refrigerator, in particular on the table. And never is a mistake considered more serious: the fruit in this way runs a great danger!

eliminate big fruit danger

How to eliminate a great danger in fruit (Buttalapasta.it)

What are we talking about? Of the insects/midges from the fruit. The latter lean on it and start eating it, ruining it completely. How can we eliminate this problem? By following this very simple advice and implementing this method: it will be super effective!

Is fruit at home in great danger? Here’s how you can solve the problem with a super effective remedy!

We said that the fruit of today’s season, it seems to be really very succulent from its external appearance. Inviting with its color and scent, it makes us want to bite into it or prepare a delicious, fresh dessert with it. In short, there is certainly no comparison with the winter one!

The latter however, due to its immense sweetness and above all its goodness, tends to attract the so-called ‘fruit flies‘ who can nibble on the fruit and force us to throw it away. What can we do to eliminate them?

fruit big danger solution

The perfect solution to eliminate a great danger for fruit (Buttalapasta.it)

What we need to do to eliminate them is very simple, we just need to take:

  • a glass jar
  • some white vinegar
  • a slightly rotten fruit
  • sheet of paper

All we need to do is put a little white vinegar in the glass jar and add the rotten fruit, place the sheet of paper on it, forming a funnel, with the tip obviously facing inwards. The midges will be strongly attracted by the smell of fruit and in this way they will fall into our trap: by doing so we will eliminate them permanently!

Obviously, alongside this method, we must always have the kitchen very clean, perhaps washing the kitchen top and the table with a solution of white vinegar and water, or water and lemon, in order to disinfect and at the same time keep away various insects . This solution it will help you a lot also to ward off ants, who are, in this period, very attracted to everything sweet.

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