Recipe of the day: cacio e pepe to perfection


Typical poor dish of Lazio cuisine, la pasta, cheese and pepper it cannot be missed on the table of those who love traditional recipes. Between Roman first courses it is the simplest one to make, although some precautions must be followed for a perfect result! This is why we decided to offer it to you as the recipe of the day, gather the ingredients and let’s get cooking!

But first discover the recipes of…

But now the time has come to find out how to prepare the recipe of the day to make together with ButtaLaPasta!

The recipe of the day is cacio e pepe pasta

trick for making cheese and pepper cream
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There pasta, cheese and pepper it is a simple first course that you can prepare with very few ingredients (choose quality ones) and in a handful of seconds.

In fact, it is a really quick first course, perfect when you don’t have much time but still want to satisfy your guests with something tasty!

To obtain a result worthy of the best chefs in the capital, also read the trick for making cacio e pepe cream perfect, and all your guests will ask for an encore!

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