Recipe of the day: marinated salmon


For your delicious fish-based appetizers, make a note of this immediately recipe of the day which, we are sure, will become one of your favourites! In fact today we will reveal how to do it marinated salmon to be enjoyed raw, without cooking, as an alternative to the usual smoked salmon or ready-made natural carpaccio.

But first discover the recipes of…

But now the time has come to find out how to prepare the recipe of the day to make together with ButtaLaPasta!

The recipe of the day is marinated salmon to be enjoyed without cooking

How to cook salmon
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With the marinated salmon you can bring a delicious dish to the table, ideal for those who love eating raw fish, but completely made with your own hands!

The ingredients you will need to make this recipe are only three, that is sugar, salt and pepper berries. After marinationwhich will be made in the refrigerator to keep the fish at the right temperature, you can serve it on the table as an appetizer, or to complete other types of preparations.

So, are you ready to prepare this marinated salmon with us? All you have to do is follow the recipe of the day step by step and, finally, enjoy the result!

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