Recipe of the day: vol au vent with mushrooms and truffles


Between recipes of dishes with mushrooms and truffles we have chosen to offer you that of vol au vent as recipe of the day. This tasty and delicious appetizer can be the protagonist of your party menus, but you can also serve it on the buffet table or to enrich your aperitifs with friends. Here’s how to prepare them quickly and easily.

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But now the time has come to find out how to prepare the recipe of the day to make together with ButtaLaPasta!

Today’s recipe is: mushroom and truffle vol au vent

dish with vol au vent mushrooms and truffles with chicken
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The dish of the day is a very simple appetizer to make but very tasty. With the recipe of vol au vent with mushrooms and truffles you will be able to satisfy the gastronomic cravings of your guests, even the most demanding ones!

To best make this recipe you will need, in addition to mushrooms et al trufflealso of chicken meat, bechamel And grated cheese.

All this will give life to tasty morsels with a flavour delicate And aromatic for an easy to make but particularly refined dish.

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