Rice salad, here is chef Bruno Barbieri’s secret: you always used the wrong ingredient


Bruno Barbieri’s advice on how to make a chef’s rice salad quickly and easily, no more pasta dishes at the table!

How do you make the perfect Bruno Barbieri rice salad? With the secrets and the guide to mistakes not to be made by Bruno Barbieri, obviously! We have collected all the chef’s advice below to make this much loved recipe, let’s say the most popular of the summer, which however, if done well, never gets boring.

Rice salad seems like one of those very easy preparations, yet it hides some pitfalls. It is not a banal dish, if you don’t pay attention to some details the result can be far from expectations. The risk is finding yourself a plate made with overcooked, sticky rice, with ingredients that are not well defined and combined in the wrong way. To avoid making mistakes, here are chef Barbieri’s advice.

Bruno Barbieri reveals the mistakes not to make with rice salad

And here is the guide to the perfect one rice salad recipe according to star chef Bruno Barbieri. If your rice salad looks like the classic unpresentable mappazzone, then you have most likely always used the wrong ingredient. Take note, the best rice to use for salads you must choose from these varieties: Ribe, Carnaroli, Baldo or Arborio.

The reason is simple, they have little starch and therefore the beans remain beautifully shelled. Alternatively you can do theBasmati rice salad or theVenere rice salad. For a change, every now and then, our advice is to use brown rice.

Bruno Barbieri rice salad

Rice salad, advice from Bruno Barbieri YouTube photo @Bruno Barbieri Chef (buttalapasta.it)

To cook the salad rice you must use plenty of water (with the exception of Basmati which is cooked differently), so the beans will remain well divided. You can also steam them if you prefer. Well, anyone who rinses rice after cooking to let it cool is committing a mortal sin, in our opinion, and if Barbieri says so, then never do it again! So never rinse rice to let it cool. Leave it to cool on a large tray or at most place it in a container in a bain-marie with ice.

Then the chef says not to use ready-made jars of seasoning, but only fresh vegetables. Of course if you use the homemade condiriso from you, we think that Barbieri has nothing against it either. The biggest mistake for Barbieri is adding mayonnaise. According to him, it has too much of a flavor and then makes everything sticky and increases the calories in the dish.

Finally, the starred chef points out another mistake that is often made with rice salad, that is, putting it in the fridge. He advises you to leave the salad in a cool place, but don’t put it in the fridge because otherwise it will stick. Of course, if you put the barometer in the coolest place you have at home and it reads 43 degrees, perhaps putting rice in the fridge is simply a necessity!

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