Toilet roll cat bed: Easy, cheap and ecological


Don’t get rid of toilet rolls unnecessarily. You can recycle them in a practical way. Make them a cat bed!

If you keep a cat at home, you can make a comfortable bed for it yourself. In a very simple way, you can turn leftover toilet paper rolls into something useful. We will advise you how to do it!

For instructions on how to make a cheap cat bed, check out this YouTube video on the stastnydomov channel:

Source: Youtube

Even cats need a bed

Just like other animals, cats like their favorite places. A slightly elevated bed is ideal for them, where they are comfortable and have a good view of the surroundings. And you don’t have to spend a single penny on it if you start recycling the remaining toilet rolls.

Process toilet paper rolls

Once you have collected a large number of rolls, untangle each of them properly. It will be necessary to make thin rolls from them, with which you can weave the bed. To make a thin paper roll, use a stick to wrap the paper around, but then remove it. It is always necessary to have a sufficient amount of them.

Create a base

Then, cut out the bottom of the bed in the shape you require from solid cardboard. The easiest is to make a circle or an oval. Then spread the paper rolls on it so that they form a ring. Dip the tip of each roll into the glue and press it onto the cardboard. Then weigh them down until they dry. Preferably an old, larger coil, which can be used as internal reinforcement and will later hold the entire bed together. Wrap the lower part of the coil with a strong piece of rope, which will serve as a scratching post for the cat. Once the starfish is on the bottom, stand up the individual rolls and press them around the spool. They will form a framework, which you start to weave with weak paper rolls.

You can start knitting

Proceed in the same way as, for example, when knitting baskets. The goal is to wrap the entire coil around and then up. It is necessary to connect the rollers correctly and it is very simple. Always slide one roll into the next and lightly secure them with a small seam at the joint. Try to knit a bed big enough for the cat to be comfortable in, but not too big. Cats love tighter spaces.

Strengthen the bed and make it comfortable

When you have finished the entire bed, you need to strengthen it. A brush and glue to coat the entire product will help you with this. You can also use ecological paint and paint the bed in a certain shade. Then put a comfortable pillow or a small mattress in the bed.



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