Water for pasta: the exact quantity per 100 gr


Today we will reveal one of the fundamental secrets that everyone must know when trying their hand at cooking with recipes for pasta-based first courses. That is, let’s answer the question about water for pasta: what is the exact quantity per 100 g?

You probably prepare it every day, to bring a nice steaming and tasty dish to the table, both for lunch and dinner. It’s probably just your tasty dish and you like it season pasta in many ways, not only with a quick and fragrant tomato sauce. The point, however, is that perhaps you don’t know that you need a precise amount of water to cook pasta to perfection.

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The right amount of water for pasta – Buttalapasta.it | Shutterstock Photo | dibettadifino

Yes, perhaps you still don’t know how much water is needed to cook pasta to perfection so that it stays cooked well and prepares to welcome the sauce that you have prepared with so much care. In fact, you really have to be careful about using too much or too little. So here is all the advice from the experts to avoid making mistakes, because the success of your pasta dish lies in the details.

The preparation of a well-cooked pasta dish depends first of all on the quantity of water used to boil it. Let’s find out more.

How much water for pasta should you use per 100 gr

You know how to cook pasta to perfection? We have already seen it in our special guide with all the secrets and advice of the chefs that we suggest you read so as not to make mistakes when you find yourself struggling with the preparation of pasta-based first courses which are part of the Italian gastronomic tradition or with recipes more original and innovative.

Water for pasta the exact quantity per 100 gr - Buttalapasta.it

Water for pasta the exact quantity per 100 gr – Buttalapasta.it – Unsplash Photo | Irina Sergeeva

So here we answer your doubts about how much water is needed to cook pastabecause we all know that the right amount of water is very important to make a perfect pasta dish that is not raw but not overcooked either.

As you can imagine, cooking pasta in too little or too much water is wrong in any case. So you need to use the right amount of water for pasta, which is 1 liter per 100 grams, both if you are cooking a short pasta shape such as rigatoni or penne, and if you are cooking long pasta such as spaghetti or bucatini.

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