Alyssa Milano Dragged For Attending WILDLY Expensive Super Bowl After Taking Fan Donations For Son’s Baseball Team!

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Uh oh! More backlash for Alyssa Milano! But even without her witchy powers of premonition, she should’ve seen this one coming…

After getting blasted for asking for money from fans to support her son Milo‘s baseball team last month, the Charmed actress showed up to the SUPER BOWL with the 12-year-old! Yes, to the most expensive sporting event we can think of — one in which even star players’ moms were vocally struggling to get in! Heck, the cheapest tickets were going for $2,000 a seat! OMG!

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The 51-year-old shared a picture from the game on Instagram on Sunday, writing:

“My buddy. #mothersonlove #mothersonbond #superbowl”

Very cute! And they clearly had a good time… The only problem is all her fans are now PISSED OFF that she had the audacity to promote a GoFundMe page for his little sports team when she seemingly has the funds to snag tix to such a luxury like this!

Flooding the comment section with complaints, critics wrote:

“This is what the gofundme was for

“Let’s be real for a second. How can a celebrity start a gofundme for her son and say that she couldn’t afford it but then pull up to the super bowl? Please explain??? I’m sure I’m not the only one that would love to hear YOUR answer, let alone hers???”

“You have all the money to take him to the Super Bowl & still asked ‘fans’ to pay for him & his wealthy zip code teammates to go on a trip. GOFUNDME isn’t fundraising it is charity & charity ought to be for actual poor kids. Does that help? #alyssamilano”

“Here’s a tip Alyssa, if your kid wants to earn a trip to Cleveland, tell him you’ll put the thousands of dollars it costs to go to the Super Bowl toward it instead of asking us”

“It’s about right & wrong. You can defend her all you want. She looks ridiculous to most people in a lot of ways & she clearly isn’t one to self reflect”

“You asking for cash up and down the aisle for your son’s baseball cleats…..

Meanwhile, others were quick to defend her, chiming in:

“how do you know she wasn’t gifted Super Bowl tickets? Maybe she was invited there. One has nothing to do with the other.”

“People need to relax, she’s having an experience with her kid. Knock it off jeez”

“I’m shocked to read some of these comments. @milano_alyssa has a reputation for kindness, charity, and support for everyone”

“@milano_alyssa the haters gonna hate,hate,hate,hate,hate your just gotta shake,shake,shake,shake, shake it off!

Innerestingly, one person even claimed she was at the Super Bowl to participate in a charity-sponsored event, writing:

“Some people are judgmental a**holes. She is there for an American Cancer Society Super Bowl fundraiser. The winners meet her today at the Super Bowl. How about doing some research before spreading misinformation.”

FWIW, there was a sweepstakes held by the foundation involving a meet-and-greet with the performer, but it’s unclear if her tickets were comped or not.

As mentioned, this comes a month after the actress was slammed over a donation request begging for fans to fork up some cash to help her son’s team get to a tournament in Cooperstown. Despite all the hate, they managed to surpass their goal, bringing in $15,214 so far. The Who’s The Boss alum has also defended her choices, insisting she helps out with the team as much as she can. Thoughts? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Alyssa Milano/Instagram]


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