Explore 7 Little Words Crossword Challenge for April 20, 2024

Explore 7 Little Words Crossword Challenge for April 20, 2024 Culture and trends

7 Little Words Crossword is a quicker puzzle to solve by finding 7-letter words and a daily exercise to improve your IQ Level. So, what are you waiting for? Start Playing the crossword on online platforms, newspapers, mobile apps, and more. Grab the clue by intersecting the letters acquired that relate to the clue and give an attempt to find the exact answer.

Give a cue to

The Correct Answer is PROMPT

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When someone gives a cue to prompt another person, they are signaling or reminding them to do something. This action of providing a cue or prompt is often associated with helping someone remember or initiate a response. So, “PROMPT” is the fitting answer as it describes the action of giving a cue or reminder.

In an inappropriate fashion

The Correct Answer is UNSUITABLY

Acting in an inappropriate fashion means behaving in a manner that is not suitable or proper for the situation. “Unsuitably” reflects this idea of behavior that doesn’t align with the expectations or standards of appropriateness. It conveys a sense of actions being out of place or not fitting the context.

Run out

The Correct Answer is EXPIRE

When something runs out, it means it comes to an end or reaches the conclusion of its validity or availability. “Expire” is a term commonly used to describe this state of running out, particularly when referring to the expiration of a product, service, or period of time. It implies the cessation or termination of something.

Pennsylvania baseballers

The Correct Answer is PHILLIES

The Philadelphia Phillies are a Major League Baseball team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are often referred to as the “Phillies” for short. This clue directly points to the team associated with Pennsylvania baseball, making “PHILLIES” the appropriate answer.

Manages many things at once

The Correct Answer is JUGGLES

To juggle means to manage multiple tasks or responsibilities simultaneously. This could involve balancing various commitments, priorities, or obligations all at once. So, “JUGGLES” captures the essence of handling numerous things concurrently and effectively.


The Correct Answer is WOEFUL

“Woeful” is a term used to describe a state of deep sadness, grief, or unhappiness. It conveys a sense of profound sorrow or misery. When someone is feeling unhappy to an extreme degree, they might be described as woeful due to the intensity of their emotional distress.


The Correct Answer is STILL

Something that is motionless is completely stationary or not moving at all. “Still” is a word often used to describe this lack of motion or activity. It can refer to both physical stillness, such as an object not moving, as well as metaphorical stillness, such as a situation devoid of action or change.

Place to live

The Correct Answer is DWELLING

A “dwelling” is not just a physical location where someone resides; it encompasses the notion of a home, shelter, or habitation. It signifies more than just a place; it’s a space where one lives, finds comfort, and experiences a sense of belonging. The term “dwelling” carries with it connotations of human habitation, creating a connection between people and their living environment.

Tourist who goes looking

The Correct Answer is SIGHTSEER

A “sightseer” is more than just a tourist; it’s someone actively seeking out and experiencing sights and attractions in a particular area. This term implies a sense of curiosity, exploration, and engagement with the surroundings. A sightseer isn’t merely a passive observer but rather an eager participant in discovering new places and experiences.

Container with a spout

The Correct Answer is TEAPOT

A “teapot” is not just any container; it’s specifically designed for brewing and serving tea. Its distinctive feature, the spout, facilitates pouring without spilling. The teapot symbolizes not only functionality but also tradition, culture, and the ritual of tea-drinking. It represents a vessel of warmth, comfort, and hospitality in many cultures around the world.

Stocking material

The Correct Answer is NYLON

“Nylon” is more than just a material; it revolutionized the textile industry and transformed the production of stockings and other garments. Introduced during World War II, nylon stockings became a symbol of modernity, durability, and fashion. The term “nylon” evokes images of sleekness, elasticity, and practicality in the realm of clothing and textiles.

Rendered less natural

The Correct Answer is DENATURED

  • “Denatured” refers to the process of altering the natural state or composition of a substance, often to make it less pure or less suitable for certain purposes.
  • This term encompasses the idea of modifying the inherent properties of a material, typically through chemical or physical means. Denaturation can occur in various contexts, from biochemistry to manufacturing, resulting in changes that diminish the natural characteristics of the original substance.

Some reddish deers

The Correct Answer is ROES

  • “Roes” specifically refers to female deer, particularly those of the roe deer species. This term highlights not just the animal’s physical characteristics but also its biological and ecological significance.
  • Roe deer, known for their reddish-brown coats, play essential roles in ecosystems as herbivores and prey species. “Roes” thus represents a specific category within the broader context of deer species.

Fish farming

The Correct Answer is AQUACULTURE

  • “Aquaculture” goes beyond traditional fishing practices; it involves the controlled cultivation of aquatic organisms for food, conservation, or research purposes.
  • This term encompasses the methods, technologies, and principles of raising fish, shellfish, and other aquatic species in various environments. Aquaculture represents a sustainable approach to meeting the growing demand for seafood while addressing environmental and economic concerns.

Kind of treatment

The Correct Answer is SILENT

  • “Silent” treatment goes beyond mere silence; it’s a form of interpersonal communication where one person deliberately withholds verbal or nonverbal communication from another as a means of punishment or manipulation.
  • This form of treatment can convey a range of emotions, from anger and frustration to power dynamics and control. It represents more than just the absence of speech; it’s a deliberate action with significant psychological implications.

Lacking definite form

The Correct Answer is AMORPHOUS

“Amorphous” describes something lacking a clear or defined structure, shape, or form. It goes beyond simply being shapeless; it suggests a state of fluidity, indeterminacy, or ambiguity. This term is often used in scientific contexts to describe substances without a crystalline structure, but it can also be applied metaphorically to abstract concepts or ideas that resist categorization or definition.

King or emperor, say

The Correct Answer is RULER

“Ruler” signifies more than just a title; it represents a position of authority, power, and governance. While traditionally associated with monarchs like kings or emperors, the term “ruler” can also refer to leaders in various contexts, such as political, social, or organizational. It embodies the concept of wielding control or influence over others, whether through formal institutions or informal means.

Long-nosed swimmer

The Correct Answer is SWORDFISH

  • The “swordfish” is not just any fish; it’s a species known for its distinctive long, sword-like bill or snout. This physical characteristic is not merely ornamental; it’s an adaptation for hunting and defense in its aquatic environment.
  • The term “swordfish” conjures images of a powerful and agile swimmer, equipped with a unique appendage that sets it apart from other marine species.

Arabian peninsula nation

The Correct Answer is QATAR

“Qatar” represents more than just a geographical location; it’s a sovereign nation located on the Arabian Peninsula. This term encompasses not only the country’s physical borders but also its history, culture, and identity as a modern state. Qatar’s strategic location, economic significance, and cultural heritage make it a focal point in the geopolitics of the Middle East.

Plato’s pupil

The Correct Answer is ARISTOTLE

  • “Aristotle” is more than just a historical figure; he’s one of the most influential philosophers in Western thought and a key figure in the development of philosophical inquiry.
  • As Plato’s pupil, Aristotle’s contributions to logic, ethics, metaphysics, and natural philosophy shaped the foundations of Western philosophy and science. His teachings and writings continue to influence scholars and thinkers across disciplines to this day.

Perdita’s dalmatian husband

The Correct Answer is PONGO

  • Pongo is more than just a character; he’s a beloved fictional figure from Dodie Smith’s novel “The Hundred and One Dalmatians.”
  • As Perdita’s husband and the father of the dalmatian puppies, Pongo embodies loyalty, courage, and love in the face of adversity. His role in the story goes beyond mere characterization; he symbolizes the bond between family members and the resilience of the canine spirit.

Giving up life for a cause

The Correct Answer is MARTYRDOM

  • “Martyrdom” signifies more than just death; it represents the ultimate sacrifice made in service of a cause, belief, or principle. Martyrdom embodies courage, conviction, and selflessness in the face of persecution or oppression.
  • It goes beyond mere mortality; it’s a testament to the power of faith, ideology, or ideology to inspire individuals to transcend their own self-interest for the greater good.


The Correct Answer is PLENTIFUL

“Plentiful” is more than just a synonym for “abundant”; it conveys a sense of richness, bounty, and sufficiency. It suggests not only a large quantity but also a sense of generosity and plenty that can fulfill needs and desires. The term “plentiful” evokes images of abundance in various contexts, whether it be food, resources, opportunities, or blessings.

Sea around indonesia

The Correct Answer is CERAM

“Ceram” refers to more than just a geographical location; it’s an island in the Maluku Islands of Indonesia. This term encompasses not only the island’s maritime borders but also its ecological diversity, cultural heritage, and historical significance. Ceram’s position in the Indonesian archipelago makes it a focal point for marine biodiversity, trade, and human activity.

Advocate for nonviolence

The Correct Answer is PACIFIST

  • A “pacifist” is not just someone who opposes violence; it’s an advocate for peace, harmony, and nonviolent solutions to conflicts.
  • This term embodies more than just a political stance; it represents a deeply held belief in the inherent value of human life and the power of compassion and understanding to resolve disputes. Pacifism is a philosophy that extends beyond mere opposition to war; it encompasses a commitment to justice, empathy, and reconciliation.

Architectural drawings

The Correct Answer is BLUEPRINTS

  • “Blueprints” represent more than just technical drawings; they’re the foundational plans for architectural design and construction.
  • This term encompasses not only the visual representations of buildings but also the detailed specifications, measurements, and instructions necessary for their realization. Blueprints symbolize more than just creativity and innovation; they’re a tangible manifestation of human ingenuity, collaboration, and craftsmanship in the built environment.

Spring job for a farmer

The Correct Answer is PLANTING

  • “Planting” is more than just a seasonal task for farmers; it’s a vital stage in the agricultural cycle that marks the beginning of new growth and productivity.
  • This term encompasses not only the physical act of sowing seeds but also the anticipation of future harvests, the nurturing of crops, and the stewardship of the land. Planting symbolizes renewal, hope, and the promise of abundance in the agricultural landscape.

Racing rowboat

The Correct Answer is WHERRY

A “wherry” is more than just a type of boat; it’s a specific design used for rowing, racing, and recreational purposes. This term encompasses not only the vessel’s physical characteristics but also its cultural significance and historical legacy. Wherries symbolize more than just maritime transportation; they’re a symbol of skill, athleticism, and camaraderie in the world of rowing and water sports.

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