Groom’s Mother Discovers His Fiancé Is Her Long-Lost Daughter — But The Wedding Still Happens

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Weddings are a place of happiness, usually allowing family members to reunite for the joyous occasion.

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However, one wedding ceremony had an unexpected reunion between a bride and her mother.

During wedding celebrations between a couple in Suzhou, a province in eastern China, the groom’s mother noticed something strange about her future daughter-in-law. According to those present, the mother saw a familiar birthmark on the woman’s hand.

Unrelated photo of a bride. | Arisa Chattasa/Unsplash

The mother had previously lost a daughter as a baby many years before the wedding and was convinced she had found her.

The groom’s mother questioned the bride’s parents, asking them if she was adopted, something the family kept secret. She then professed she believed that she was her long-lost daughter, and the bride admitted to having been searching for her biological mother.

In photos and videos from the reunion, the pair can be seen crying and embracing as they celebrated finding each other again.


Though this was a happy occasion — happier than the wedding, according to the bride — there still was the marriage issue. However, this is where another plot twist came into play.

After losing hope of finding her child, the mother then adopted her son, meaning the bride and groom were not related, allowing the wedding to take place still!


Talk about a huge plot twist!


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