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Do you know the voter details of Lacasadelosfamososcolombia com? Read this article to learn about the latest voting details.

Are you a deep fan of Columbian reality shows? Do you love to watch One House live telecasting shows like Big Boss?

Then, La Casa de los Famosos Colombia is currently a trending reality show in countries like Panama, Colombia, Venezuelaand many more.

This reality show features 22 celebrities, and their actions are live televised to the public. Based on their actions, the winner will be selected. Here in this article, we are going to see more details about the show and its portal, Lacasadelosfamososcolombia comin an expanded manner.

More details Lacasadelosfamososcolombia com

La Casa de los Famosos Colombia is a viral reality show that is airing on an open channel named Canal RCN and premiered on February 11, 2024. In this program, 22 celebrities have participated, and all the people will live under the same roof.

Their activities are televised to the audience, and the role of the audience is to vote for their favorite celebrity to save them from elimination. For that voting process, the audience has to use the CanalRCN website alone. A website has yet to be created under the show’s name. All the updates, information, and voting process will be carried over to the canalrcn site only.

House of Famous Colombia wiki

La Casa de los Famosos Colombia is a reality show program jointly hosted by higher-profile personalities like actress Carla Giraldo and Christina. John de Mol Jr. created this show, which was inspired by the show Big Brother.

This show not only observes the activities of the contestants, but House of Famous Colombia frequently conducts tests like leadership tests, group games, budget allocation tests, and elimination tests. In addition to that, they will show lots of fun-filled games, dramas, and music for their contestants. The critical feature here is that people won’t be allowed to use mobile phones inside the home.

House of Famous Colombia wiki
House of Famous Colombia wiki

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Vote House of Famous People information

Here, the term votar refers to voting. In the La Casa de Los Famosos Colombia show, audience voting is an essential feature of the game because they are the ones who decide about the elimination of the contestants. The contestant who receives the fewest votes will be eliminated first. And in order to do that, people have to visit the official website of Vote House of Famous People.

On that canelrcn site, click the show name La Casa de Los Famosos Colombi. Then, they created a whole new webpage for the show where the audience could vote for their favorite contestants. Each person is allowed to cast only one vote, but the ViX Premium subscriber audience is permitted to cast nine votes per contestant.

Vote Casa de Los Famosos information
Vote Casa de Los Famosos information

Lacasadelosfamosos Colombia Vote steps

  • In order to vote for the favorite contestant of La Casa de los Famosos colombia, Visit the official website ( la-casa-de-los-famososvotaciones).
  • Select the voting option and pick your favorite contestant.
  • Submit the votes by clicking the voting option next to the respective contestants.
  • The results will be announced on Sunday, so the voting portal will only be open from Wednesday to Sunday for the elimination of Lacasadelosfamosos Colombia Vote processes.

Lacasadelosfamosos Colombia Vote steps

Social media links

Instagram: Canal RCN (@canalrcn) • Instagram photos and videos


Therefore, we have discussed the exclusive details of the famous Columbian show Lacasadelosfamosos Colombia. Currently, the voting portals are open for the audience to cast their votes. Hence, we ask everyone to cast their votes on the official platforms, like Lacasadelosfamososcolombia com. Many scam websites are also open for voting. Kindly don’t visit such websites.

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Disclaimer: The voting procedures explained in this article are verified.

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