Irish Daily Mail Mailword Large Answers and Explanations for April 20, 2024

Irish Daily Mail Mailword Large Answers and Explanations for April 20, 2024 Culture and trends

Crossword puzzles are great for learning new words and testing our understanding. Each puzzle comes with a grid filled with numbered boxes. Our job is to fill in the answers using clues provided. The numbers show us where each answer starts. So, let’s give it a try and start solving.

Per person (4)

Answer: A POP    

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Per person – This phrase indicates a quantity or cost applied individually to each person. The answer is A POP, which means “each person” or “per head,” often used to denote a cost or share allocated to each individual involved.

Smiled broadly (6)

Answer: BEAMED    

Smiled broadly – This expression describes a facial expression characterized by a wide and happy grin. The answer is BEAMED, which means to smile broadly or radiantly, conveying a sense of joy or happiness.

Bandage (6)

Answer: FASTEN    

Bandage – This term refers to a strip of material used to wrap around a wound or injury for protection and support. The answer is FASTEN, which can describe the action of securing or tying a bandage in place to aid in healing and prevent further injury.

Greek goddess (7)

Answer: DEMETER    

Greek goddess – This clue points to a deity from Greek mythology, often associated with specific domains or attributes. The answer is DEMETER, who is the goddess of agriculture, fertility, and the harvest, known for her nurturing and maternal qualities.

Affected person (6)

Answer: POSEUR    

Affected person – This term describes someone who behaves in an artificial or insincere manner to impress others. The answer is POSEUR, referring to an individual who adopts affected poses, attitudes, or behaviors to project a certain image or impression.

The —, Dustin Hoffman film (8)

Answer: GRADUATE    

The —, Dustin Hoffman film – This clue refers to a classic film starring Dustin Hoffman, known for its iconic portrayal of a young man navigating post-college life. The answer is GRADUATE, which is the title of the film directed by Mike Nichols, depicting the character’s struggles with love, identity, and societal expectations after completing his education.

Poem (3)

Answer: LAY    

Poem: A literary composition characterized by expressive language and structured rhythm, often conveying emotions, ideas, or narratives. Answer: LAY. A “poem” is sometimes referred to as a lay, particularly in older literary contexts, indicating a lyrical or narrative piece of poetry typically sung or recited.

Red meat (4)

Answer: LAMB    

Red meat: A category of meat distinguished by its reddish hue when raw, often associated with certain types of animals and culinary preparations. Answer: LAMB. “Red meat” commonly includes meats like beef, pork, and lamb, with lamb specifically known for its distinctive flavor and tenderness.

Female swan (3)

Answer: PEN    

Female swan: A specific term used to refer to a female member of a species of large waterfowl known for their graceful appearance and majestic presence. Answer: PEN. The “female swan” is called a pen, while the male is referred to as a cob, and their offspring as cygnets.

Hybrid fruit (4)

Answer: UGLI    

Hybrid fruit: A type of fruit resulting from the crossbreeding of different varieties or species, often combining desirable traits from each parent. Answer: UGLI. The “hybrid fruit” referred to is the ugli fruit, a citrus fruit resulting from the crossbreeding of tangerines, oranges, and grapefruits, known for its unique flavor and appearance.

Board game (4)

Answer: KENO    

Board game: A game played on a flat surface with pieces or tokens, often involving strategy, luck, or both, and typically played by two or more players. Answer: KENO. While “board game” typically brings to mind games played on a physical board, Keno is a lottery-style gambling game often played in casinos and resembling bingo in its mechanics.

Tools (4)

Answer: GOES    

Tools: Instruments or implements designed or used for performing specific tasks or activities, often associated with construction, repair, or maintenance. Answer: GOES. “Tools” here refers to things that “goes” into action when work needs to be done, emphasizing their functionality and utility in various tasks and projects.

— Thompson, U.S. actress (5)

Answer: TESSA    

— Thompson, U.S. actress: A reference to an American actress known for her roles in film and television, contributing to the entertainment industry with her performances. Answer: TESSA. “— Thompson” specifies Tessa Thompson, a talented actress recognized for her versatile roles in movies such as “Creed,” “Thor: Ragnarok,” and “Men in Black: International.”

Stream (4)

Answer: RAIN    

Stream: A body of flowing water, typically smaller than a river, characterized by its continuous movement and contribution to the hydrological cycle. Answer: RAIN. “Stream” here refers to “rain,” which contributes to the flow of streams by replenishing water sources through precipitation, sustaining ecosystems and supporting various forms of life.

Old Testament twin (4)

Answer: ESAU    

Old Testament twin: A biblical figure known for his fraternal relationship with his brother and significant role in biblical narratives. Answer: ESAU. The “Old Testament twin” refers to Esau, the twin brother of Jacob, featured prominently in the Book of Genesis and known for his impulsive nature and the biblical story of the selling of his birthright.

Mythical ogre (3)

Answer: ORC    

Mythical ogre – ORC: This clue refers to a legendary creature often depicted as a large, brutish humanoid with monstrous features. The answer, “ORC,” is a mythical creature commonly found in fantasy literature and folklore, known for its fierce and intimidating nature. Whether encountered in tales of epic quests or battles against good, the “ORC” embodies the archetype of the fearsome antagonist.

Return to former state (7)

Answer: REGRESS    

Return to former state – REGRESS: Here, the question suggests reverting back to a previous condition or stage. The answer, “REGRESS,” describes the act of moving backward or returning to a less developed or desirable state. Whether in personal development, societal progress, or scientific understanding, “REGRESS” signifies a reversal of progress or advancement.

Assert (7)

Answer: SPEAK UP    

Assert – SPEAK UP: This clue prompts identification of a phrase meaning to express oneself confidently or forcefully. The answer, “SPEAK UP,” denotes the act of asserting one’s opinions, beliefs, or rights in a clear and assertive manner. Whether advocating for oneself, speaking out against injustice, or voicing dissent, “SPEAK UP” empowers individuals to make their voices heard.

Teems (7)

Answer: INFESTS    

Teems – INFESTS: Here, the question suggests a situation characterized by a large number of something, often with negative connotations. The answer, “INFESTS,” describes a scenario where a place or object is overrun by pests, parasites, or unwanted organisms. Whether referring to insects, rodents, or invasive species, “INFESTS” implies an overwhelming presence that disrupts or damages the environment.

Occupy (7)

Answer: PARTAKE    

Occupy – PARTAKE: This clue hints at engaging in an activity or taking part in something. The answer, “PARTAKE,” signifies involvement or participation in a particular action, event, or experience. Whether enjoying food and drink at a gathering, joining in a conversation, or participating in a tradition, “PARTAKE” emphasizes active engagement and inclusion.

Dance (3)

Answer: FUN    

Dance – FUN: Here, the question directs attention to a form of entertainment involving rhythmic movement to music. The answer, “FUN,” suggests that dancing is an enjoyable and lighthearted activity that brings pleasure and amusement to participants. Whether dancing socially, performing professionally, or simply letting loose, “FUN” highlights the joy and exuberance found in the art of dance.

Northern Briton (4)

Answer: SCOT    

Northern Briton – SCOT: This clue refers to a person hailing from a specific region within the United Kingdom. The answer, “SCOT,” denotes a resident of Scotland, the northernmost country in the UK. Whether born and raised in Scotland or identifying with Scottish heritage, a “SCOT” is associated with the rich cultural traditions and history of the Scottish people.

Grabbed (4)

Answer: DREW    

Grabbed – DREW: Here, the question suggests taking hold of something quickly or forcefully. The answer, “DREW,” describes the action of seizing or grasping with sudden force or urgency. Whether reaching for an object, snatching an opportunity, or capturing attention, “DREW” implies a swift and decisive action to acquire or achieve something.

Urban areas (5)

Answer: TOWNS    

Urban areas – TOWNS: This clue directs attention to densely populated regions characterized by residential, commercial, and cultural activity. The answer, “TOWNS,” refers to municipalities or urban centers with distinct boundaries and administrative functions. Whether bustling with commerce, thriving with nightlife, or rich in history, “TOWNS” represent vibrant hubs of human civilization.

Drill (4)

Answer: TOOL    

A “drill” is a tool used for boring holes or driving screws into materials. The answer is “TOOL,” representing any device or implement used to carry out a particular function or task, in this case, construction or repair work requiring precision.

Historical Peruvian (4)

Answer: INCA    

“Historical Peruvian” refers to a significant civilization that thrived in ancient Peru. The answer is “INCA,” representing the Inca Empire, which was the largest empire in pre-Columbian America, known for its advanced civilization, engineering feats, and vast territorial expansion.

Metal fastener (4)

Answer: TNUT    

A “metal fastener” is a device used to secure or join materials together, typically made of metal. The answer is “TNUT,” representing a type of fastener shaped like a T, often used to create a threaded hole in materials such as wood or plastic for inserting bolts or screws.

Technique (3)

Answer: WAY    

“Technique” refers to a method or approach used to accomplish a particular task or achieve a desired outcome. The answer is “WAY,” indicating a manner or mode of doing something, often involving a systematic or practiced method.

Printing inaccuracy (4)

Answer: TYPO    

A “printing inaccuracy” describes an error or mistake made during the printing process, resulting in an unintended mistake in the text. The answer is “TYPO,” short for typographical error, representing a mistake in the printed text, such as a misspelling or incorrect punctuation.

Slime (3)

Answer: MUD    

“Slime” refers to a viscous, often unpleasant substance with a slimy texture. The answer is “MUD,” representing a soft, wet mixture of soil and water, often found in natural environments such as swamps or wetlands, known for its slimy consistency when wet.

Family member (8)

Answer: DAUGHTER    

A “family member” is a relative, typically related by blood or marriage. The answer is “DAUGHTER,” representing a female offspring in relation to her parents, forming a familial bond within a household or extended family.

Strip (6)

Answer: UNROBE    

To “strip” means to remove clothing or outer layers from oneself or someone else. The answer is “UNROBE,” representing the action of undressing or removing garments, often in preparation for relaxation or bedtime.

Put down (7)

Answer: AFFRONT    

Put down – This phrase suggests insulting or disrespecting someone, often through words or actions. The answer is AFFRONT, which means to offend or insult someone’s dignity or honor, causing them to feel disrespected or belittled.

Exact copies (6)

Answer: IMAGES    

Exact copies – This term refers to replicas or duplicates that closely resemble the original item or document. The answer is IMAGES, which are visual representations or impressions that replicate the appearance of the original object or scene with precision.

Buying sessions (6)

Answer: SPREES    

Buying sessions – This phrase describes periods of time during which individuals engage in excessive or indulgent shopping activities. The answer is SPREES, which implies a spree of buying or spending, often characterized by impulsiveness or lack of restraint.

Sight organs (4)

Answer: EYES    

Sight organs – This clue points to the organs responsible for vision in humans and many other animals. The answer is EYES, which are complex sensory organs that detect light and allow for the perception of visual information.

Painting stands (6)

Answer: EASELS    

Painting stands – This term refers to supportive structures used by artists to hold their canvases or paintings while working on them. The answer is EASELS, which are typically adjustable frames or stands that support the artwork at an appropriate angle for painting or display.

Devoured (3)

Answer: HAD    

Devoured – This word describes the action of consuming something voraciously or with great enthusiasm. The answer is HAD, indicating the act of eating or consuming food or drink in large quantities and with gusto.

Freshwater fish (4)

Answer: GARS    

Freshwater fish – This phrase denotes a type of aquatic animal that inhabits freshwater environments such as lakes, rivers, or streams. The answer is GARS, which are a group of freshwater fish known for their elongated bodies and sharp teeth, commonly found in North America.

Present (4)

Answer: ALMS    

Present – This term refers to something given or offered as a gift, often to express goodwill or generosity. The answer is ALMS, which typically refers to charitable donations or gifts given to those in need, especially in the form of money or food.

Loose container’s quantity (6)

Answer: BAGFUL    

Loose container’s quantity – This phrase describes the amount or capacity of a container when filled loosely with its contents. The answer is BAGFUL, which indicates the quantity of items that can fit into a bag when it is not tightly packed or compressed.

Make a mistake (3)

Answer: ERR    

Make a mistake: To err is to deviate from correctness or accuracy, often resulting in an error or fault. Answer: ERR. “Make a mistake” is synonymous with “err,” emphasizing the act of committing an error or misunderstanding, leading to unintended consequences or incorrect outcomes.

In a weak state (2,1,3,3)

Answer: AT A LOW EBB    

In a weak state: Describing a condition of diminished strength, vitality, or resilience, often due to physical, emotional, or circumstantial factors. Answer: AT A LOW EBB. “In a weak state” suggests being at a low point or experiencing a period of decreased energy or morale, akin to the ebb phase of the tide, where waters recede and energy wanes.

European sea, briefly (3)

Answer: MED    

European sea, briefly: A reference to a body of saltwater located within the continent of Europe, abbreviated for brevity. Answer: MED. “European sea, briefly” refers to the Mediterranean Sea, often abbreviated as “Med,” bordered by several European countries and recognized for its historical, cultural, and ecological significance.

Flightless bird (3)

Answer: SRI    

Flightless bird: A type of bird incapable of sustained flight due to physical characteristics or evolutionary adaptations. Answer: SRI. “Flightless bird” refers to the kiwi, a bird native to New Zealand known for its small size, distinctive appearance, and inability to fly, adapted instead for a ground-dwelling lifestyle.

Organ stop (8)

Answer: DIAPASON    

Organ stop: A component of a pipe organ used to control the flow of air to specific sets of pipes, contributing to the instrument’s range of tones and timbres. Answer: DIAPASON. An “organ stop” like the diapason helps regulate the sound produced by an organ, adjusting the pitch and volume of the notes played, crucial for creating rich, harmonious music.

Teapot feature (5)

Answer: SPOUT    

Teapot feature: A characteristic or component of a teapot, contributing to its functionality or design. Answer: SPOUT. The “teapot feature” in question is the spout, the part of the teapot designed for pouring liquids, allowing for controlled and precise dispensing of tea or other beverages.

Lump (5)

Answer: GIANT    

Lump: A mass or clump of substance, typically solid or semi-solid, often characterized by its shape, size, or texture. Answer: GIANT. While “lump” generally refers to a compacted or irregularly shaped mass, in this context, it specifically denotes a large or oversized lump, emphasizing its substantial size.

Custodian (7)

Answer: CERE BUS    

Custodian: A person responsible for the care, maintenance, and protection of a particular place, object, or group of people. Answer: CERE BUS. “Custodian” in this context refers to Cerberus, the mythical creature from Greek mythology tasked with guarding the entrance to the underworld, symbolizing protection and guardianship.

Follows (6)

Answer: GRASPS    

Follows: To come after or pursue something or someone in a sequence or succession. Answer: GRASPS. “Follows” implies grasping or understanding a concept or idea after it has been presented or explained, suggesting comprehension or acquisition of knowledge or information.

2003 Christmas film (3)

Answer: ELF    

2003 Christmas film – ELF: This clue refers to a popular holiday movie released in 2003. The answer, “ELF,” is a heartwarming comedy starring Will Ferrell as Buddy, a human raised as an elf who embarks on a journey to New York City to find his true identity. With its cheerful spirit and humorous antics, “ELF” has become a beloved Christmas classic for audiences of all ages.

Place apart (7)

Answer: ISOLATE    

Place apart – ISOLATE: Here, the question suggests a condition of being separated or secluded from others. The answer, “ISOLATE,” describes the act of being set apart or kept alone, often for reasons of safety, quarantine, or contemplation. Whether voluntarily seeking solitude or forcibly isolated, “ISOLATE” implies a state of being removed from social interaction or external influences.

Woman’s name (4)

Answer: INEZ    

Woman’s name – INEZ: This clue prompts identification of a female given name. The answer, “INEZ,” is a traditional name of Spanish origin meaning “pure” or “holy.” Often associated with qualities of virtue and strength, “INEZ” has been borne by notable individuals throughout history and continues to be used in various cultures around the world.

Attack (3,4)

Answer: SET UPON    

Attack – SET UPON: Here, the question suggests a sudden and aggressive assault or onslaught. The answer, “SET UPON,” describes the act of launching an attack or ambush against someone or something. Whether in the context of physical combat, verbal confrontation, or strategic maneuvering, “SET UPON” signifies a coordinated effort to overpower or overwhelm an opponent.

Saudi native (4)

Answer: ARAB    

Saudi native – ARAB: This clue directs attention to a person originating from a specific country or region. The answer, “ARAB,” denotes a native or inhabitant of Saudi Arabia, a country located in the Middle East known for its rich cultural heritage, vast deserts, and significant historical landmarks. Whether tracing ancestry to the Arabian Peninsula or identifying with Arab culture, a “SAUDI NATIVE” embodies the traditions and identity of the region.

Censure (9)

Answer: PICK APART    

Censure – PICK APART: Here, the question suggests criticism or disapproval directed towards someone or something. The answer, “PICK APART,” describes the act of scrutinizing or finding fault with details or aspects of a particular subject. Whether analyzing a work of art, evaluating a performance, or assessing an argument, “PICK APART” implies a thorough examination with the intent of identifying weaknesses or deficiencies.

Chimney dust (4)

Answer: SOOT    

Chimney dust – SOOT: This clue refers to the black residue often found in chimneys and on surfaces exposed to smoke. The answer, “SOOT,” describes the fine, black particles resulting from the incomplete combustion of organic matter, such as wood or coal. Whether accumulating in fireplace flues, lining the walls of old buildings, or staining surfaces with a dark film, “SOOT” is a byproduct of combustion and a common element of urban pollution.

Expel (6)

Answer: TOPPLE    

Expel – TOPPLE: Here, the question suggests forcibly removing or displacing something from its position. The answer, “TOPPLE,” describes the act of causing something to fall over or collapse, often as a result of external force or instability. Whether referring to a physical object, a government regime, or a dominant figure, “TOPPLE” implies the sudden and dramatic displacement or overthrow of authority or structure.

Returned to the stage (7)

Answer: ENCORED    

Returned to the stage – ENCORED: This clue hints at a performance being repeated or extended due to popular demand. The answer, “ENCORED,” describes the act of calling for an additional performance or curtain call at the end of a show in response to enthusiastic applause or audience requests. Whether in the context of a concert, theatrical production, or public event, being “ENCORED” signifies a successful and well-received performance deserving of an encore presentation.

Chuckles (8)

Answer: SNICKERS    

Chuckles – SNICKERS: Here, the question directs attention to a type of laughter or amusement. The answer, “SNICKERS,” refers to a light, suppressed laugh often accompanied by a smile or smirk. Whether in response to a humorous remark, an amusing situation, or a playful gesture, “SNICKERS” represents a subdued expression of amusement or delight.

Public school (4)

Answer: ETON    

Public school – ETON: This clue refers to a type of educational institution. The answer, “ETON,” specifically denotes Eton College, a prestigious and historic public school located in England. Founded in the 15th century, Eton is known for its academic excellence, distinguished alumni, and rich traditions. As one of the leading independent schools in the world, Eton has educated many prominent figures in politics, business, and culture.

Groups of eight (6)

Answer: OCTADS    

Groups of eight – OCTADS: Here, the question suggests a collection or assembly of eight items or individuals. The answer, “OCTADS,” describes a group consisting of eight members or components. Whether referring to a set of musical notes, a cluster of cells in biology, or a formation in sports, “OCTADS” signifies a cohesive unit composed of eight distinct elements.

Peter —, comedian (3)

Answer: KAY    

“Peter —, comedian” prompts for the name of a comedian. The answer is “KAY,” referring to Peter Kay, a well-known British comedian and actor famous for his stand-up comedy specials and television sitcoms.

Vehicles (6)

Answer: TRAVEL    

“Vehicles” are means of transportation used to travel from one place to another. The answer is “TRAVEL,” representing the act of journeying or moving from one location to another, often by various modes of transportation such as cars, trains, or airplanes.

Daughter of Tantalus (5)

Answer: NIOBE    

“Daughter of Tantalus” refers to a figure from Greek mythology, known for her tragic fate. The answer is “NIOBE,” representing Niobe, the daughter of Tantalus and wife of Amphion, who suffered great loss and grief after boasting about her many children and incurring the wrath of the gods.

Blackthorn fruit (5)

Answer: SLOES    

“Blackthorn fruit” describes the small, dark fruits produced by the blackthorn tree. The answer is “SLOES,” referring to the bitter-tasting fruits commonly used in the production of sloe gin and other alcoholic beverages.

Bruise shade (4)

Answer: PUCE    

A “bruise shade” denotes the color typically associated with bruises. The answer is “PUCE,” representing a dark red or purplish-brown color often seen in bruises or other skin discolorations.

Barely (4)

Answer: LESS    

“Barely” signifies something that is only just or scarcely happening or existing. The answer is “LESS,” representing a small amount or degree, indicating a minimal or insufficient quantity of something.

Phone program (3)

Answer: APP    

A “phone program” refers to a software application designed to run on a mobile device. The answer is “APP,” short for application, representing a program or software designed to perform specific functions or tasks on smartphones or tablets.

Craggy hill (3)

Answer: TOR    

A “craggy hill” describes a rugged and uneven terrain feature. The answer is “TOR,” representing a prominent rock outcrop or peak, often found on hillsides or in upland areas, characterized by its exposed and weathered rocky surface.

Contend in rivalry (3)

Answer: VIE    

To “contend in rivalry” means to compete or vie for superiority or success. The answer is “VIE,” representing the action of striving or competing with others, often in a competitive or adversarial context.

Fish eggs (3)

Answer: ROE    

“Fish eggs” refer to the reproductive cells of fish, often consumed as a delicacy. The answer is “ROE,” representing the eggs of various fish species, typically harvested and prepared for consumption in culinary dishes.

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