Mexican gay couples that will make you want to have a boyfriend

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We share these photos of Mexican gay couples that will make you want to have a boyfriend.

Love is in the air and the photos of these gay couples mexican They will make you remember your best stage as boyfriend.

Jorge Anzaldo + Diego Cárdenas (Los Rulés)

Los Rulés are content creators for YouTube, this duo is made up of Jorge Anzaldo and Diego Cárdenas. Both They are originally from Mexico City. Jorge Anzaldo is a dancer and producer. For its part, Diego Cárdenas is a theater producer.

The Rulés made their relationship known after a magazine exposed their relationship and brought them out of the closet in February 2023. They continue together until 2024. WATCH THE LOVE STORY OF THE RULÉS.

Mauricio Mejía + Enrique Guzmán

Mauricio Mejía and Enrique Guzmán They form one of the couples in the Mexican show that will give you hope in love, especially if you are someone who believes in equal marriage. These digital content creators got married in 2020 and since then they have not stopped filling their social networks with videos of comedy and love together.

Roberto Carlo + Rubén Kuri have one of the most beautiful Mexican gay couples

Roberto Carlo is a Mexican actor and driver and is in a relationship with Rubén Kuriwho is dedicated to creating videos about fashion. This couple has been together for more than five years and it seems to be more solid than ever.

In 2024 they continue to share several photos together. What do you think of the celebration they had when it was their fifth anniversary? It wasn’t a little tenderness.

Apio Quijano + Juan Pablo Serrano

To begin this segment there is a precision that we must make, the singer Apio Quijano is a bisexual man; However, we decided to include it on the list because of the cute relationship he has with the content creator Juan Pablo Serrano.

This link became known when Quijano appeared in The House of the Famous Mexico in July 2023. Here we show you a video where they both appear together. LEARN MORE ABOUT APIO QUIJANO.


Dear Fans, media and social networks yesterday as you saw at the 24/7 or the gala inside @La Casa de los Famosos México the Celebrity Couple, @juanpa.serrano went to yell at him at night and many messages arrived asking who was. How Celery was seen inside the house has already made public his relationship with the influencer Juan Pa Serrano, who has already authorized it. This is the real news so that you are not confused in case you have any doubts. Thank you for always supporting celery at all times. Celery will be answering each message as soon as it comes out as he always does. In due course the two of them will talk about it. #teamapio

♬ Summer day – TimTaj

Paco del Mazo + Nico Galán form another of the Mexican gay couples that we love

Paco del Mazo is a comedy content creator and since 2022 he has been in a relationship with actor Nico Galán. Although they do not upload as many photos and videos together, the moments of their courtship that they have shared with their followers exude a lot of affection.

For example we have the following clip where they appear embraced.

Andrew Larrañaga + Leandro Salinas

We know it: the youtuber y tiktoker Leandro Salinas is Argentine. However, Andrew Larrañaga (better known as The papucho) was born in Mexico and currently lives in the capital. In addition to her excellent imitation of the sister Doris (Shrek 2), Andrew is dedicated to music.

The affection he has achieved on different platforms is also due to the happiness he radiates at Leandro’s side. LOOK WHICH OTHER GAY CELEBRITY BOYFRIENDS MAKE US ENVY.

Mexican gay couples want to have a boyfriend andrew larrañaga leandro salinas
Andrew (left) and Leandro (right) / Photo: Instagram (@andrewlarrañaga)

Miguel Padilla + Juan López

If you have seen their videos and photos on Instagram and TikTok, you know that doctors and content creators Miguel Padilla y Juan Lopez They are one of the Mexican gay couples that make us want to have a boyfriend.

In case you follow them on networks, you know that They have a long distance relationship. CHECK OUT WHICH CELEBRITY LGBT+ COUPLES HAVE THE HEALTHEST RELATIONSHIPS.

Mexican gay couples Miguel Padilla boyfriend Juan López
Don’t you love them? / Photo: Instagram (@dr.miguelpadilla)

Mario Aguilar + Eduardo Zapien

Mario Aguilar y Eduardo Zapien They are other gay couples that, ultimately, will make you want to have a boyfriend. One of the first times they were seen in public was in the 2021 Elliot Awards.

Then they showered love on Instagram and the duo caused several sighs when Eduardo took care of him after his operation. THIS IS HOW MARIO AGUILAR AND HIS BOYFRIEND CELEBRATED FEBRUARY 14.

LGBT+ celebrity couples with healthy relationships
Mario Aguilar and his boyfriend, Eduardo Zapien, are one of the LGBT+ couples with the most stable relationships. / Photo: Random News

Alberto Córdoba + Aaron

If we talk about Mexican gay couples who, in addition to making us want to have a boyfriend, make us believe in lasting love, we remember the story of Alberto and Aaron (Burro). In July 2021, the now married couple completed 20 years of being together and 10 of being a happy marriage.

Through an Instagram post, Alberto said that in 1991 it was not easy to go and develop photos with your boyfriend. In addition to expressing how some things have changed, The Mexican lawyer stressed that the flame between him and Aaron does not go out.

«I still see the Donkey with the same eyes [con] that I saw him at that time. I always knew we would be together forever. “I love you and I will never stop giving thanks for having known you,” she wrote. KNOW THE COMPLETE STORY OF ALBERTO AND AARON.

Alberto and Aaron 20 years ago / Photo: Instagram (@albertocordoba)

Polo Morin + Bernard Abascal

Another Mexican gay couple that makes you think about the possibility of having a boyfriend is made up of Polo Morín y Bernardo Abascal.

The first appearances of this pair date back to September 2020. In December 2021, the actor My heart is yours shared the joy of having found:

“Someone just as cool, who doesn’t let conversations die, always has something to tell you, who follows you on any topic, has learned not to leave everything at the first mistake, is happy with you and makes you happy too.”

Morín and her boyfriend, Bernardo Abascal / Photo: Instagram (@polo_morin)

Jhonny Caz + Jonathan Bencomo

One of the moments that caused the greatest stir in 2021 was when, after 5 years of relationship Jonathan Bencomo paused a concert Firm Group to propose to marry Johnny Case.

After the delivery of the ring in the Madison Square GardenIn January 2022, the couple showed off their new house. And since then they have shared moments of their relationship on social networks. READ THE LOVE STORY OF JHONY CAZ AND JONATHAN BENCOMO.

Jhonny Caz and Jonathan Bencomo hugging
Jhonny Caz (left) and Jonathan Bencomo (right) appeared very affectionate in Holbox. / Photo: Instagram (@jonbencomo)

Which of these Mexican gay couples made you most want to have a boyfriend?


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