OnlyFans Models Pretend To Breastfeed Baby Dolls To Bypass Nudity Policies On Instagram

OnlyFans Models Pretend To Breastfeed Baby Dolls To Bypass Nudity Policies On Instagram Culture and trends

OnlyFans models are sexualizing motherhood.

Natasha Biase on The Publica reported on a disgusting phenomenon of sex workers finding distasteful ways to bypass Instagram’s Terms of Service. The platform’s rules on nudity are clear. Their community guidelines state they “don’t allow nudity on Instagram. This includes photos, videos, and some digitally-created content that show sexual intercourse, genitals, and close-ups of fully-nude buttocks.”


However, when it comes to breastfeeding, giving birth, after-birth moments, or health-related situations, female nipples are allowed. This makes sense; breastfeeding, an innate function that nourishes babies, is not lewd and shouldn’t be demonized.

Unfortunately, OnlyFans models are exploiting this loophole by “breastfeeding” baby dolls to advertise their pornographic content. They’re sexualizing motherhood for profit and setting us back.

Instagram users have reported seeing sexually explicit content on their feeds. “I’m sick [and] tired of blocking and reporting those OnlyFans promoting pages. Most of them do not even include a real baby or actual breastfeeding so there’s no educational footage,” expressed on Redditor on the r/Instagram subreddit. “I have blocked maybe 20 accounts today. I’m genuinely getting uncomfortable in this app stop this bullsh*t.”

Someone in the comment section said they, too, had come across the pornographic videos. They noted how the captions on the posts were usually creepy. “It’s always has a weird caption like ’18 year old breastfeeding’ or ‘breast feeding tutorials’ or something creepy. Most videos have no audio and it’s just a fake baby covering a nipple for a split second and then the rest is the OF chick tits,” they wrote. “It’s f*cken weird. I reported a bunch and choose not interested but I keep fucking getting them and of course instagram rejects my reports. It takes away from actual mother’s educational content and fetishizes something that shouldn’t be fetishized.”

The Publica found an astonishing number of accounts abusing the loophole, with sex workers showing their uncensored breasts next to fake dolls. “In some of the cases, the women would even attempt to ‘latch’ the doll to their chest while making sultry faces at the camera and directing users to a page containing links to their explicit profiles,” the outlet reveals.

Even other OnlyFans creators are disgusted by the women’s actions. On the r/OnlyFansAdvice subreddit, a content creator wrote, “I am beside myself with certain creators using the guise of ‘Educational Breastfeeding Content’ to play with their boobs on Instagram while holding a very realistic-looking baby on camera. Am I the only one bothered by this? Is this common? Is this where our industry is headed?”

The redditor believes the content is CSAM (child sexual abuse material). “Everyone is praising them for ‘finding a loophole’ but it feels like a loophole for CSAM and I’m just wondering did I miss a shift in our industry? Are people really doing this??? I know lactation content is a thing, but HOW is Instagram and Facebook allowing this?” she asked.

These women are attracting pedophiles on social media, and Instagram is still allowing it. “I’ve done lactation content and I find this ABSOLUTELY APPALLING. Call them out. Tell them they are fueling a pedophile’s fantasy. Cause they literally are, just for some extra exposure and attention,” another redditor responded. “It’s the lowest form of desperation I’ve ever seen. I’ve been asked for videos of me breastfeeding my baby before so I know exactly the type of people they are attracting and pleasing.”

Users have reported that they are “not interested” in the disgraceful videos, but the fake breastfeeding content continues to show on their feeds.

According to the Instagram Help Center, users must be at least 13 years old or older. Just how many minors are coming across these videos? How many of them will fall into this fetish and think of breastfeeding in a perverted light? How many more pedophiles and sick, porn-brained individuals will get to live out their fantasies thanks to these women?

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