Solve the NYT Mini Crossword Clue and Answer for April 20, 2024

Solve the NYT Mini Crossword Clue and Answer for April 20, 2024 Culture and trends

NYT Mini Crossword

The NYT Mini Crossword is a shorter version of the classic New York crossword puzzle. Crosswords are word games to challenge your brain about your vocabulary and problem-solving skills. The NYT Mini crosswords are easy to solve, and they will not consume much of your time.

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For those who want to get their brains active, try solving them. When you solve such crosswords on a daily basis, they might become your favorite hobby. If you don’t find the answer to any of the clues from the NYT Mini or are struggling to complete them, don’t worry; we will guide you with the solutions

Bicycle wheel : circle :: ___ : radius

In this analogy, we’re comparing parts of a bicycle wheel to parts of a circle. A bicycle wheel is composed of several spokes that connect the rim to the center hub.

Similarly, a circle is defined by its radius, which is the distance from the center to any point on the circumference. So, just as spokes are integral parts of a bicycle wheel, the radius is an integral part of defining a circle.

Locker room amenity

This analogy is straightforward. In a locker room, a common amenity provided for drying off after showering or exercising is a towel.

It’s a basic necessity for personal hygiene and comfort in such environments.

Naughty thing to do in a chorus class

This analogy is a bit playful. In a chorus class, the expected behavior is typically to sing aloud, following the instructor’s lead. However, “lip-syncing,” or moving your lips to mimic singing without actually producing sound, would be considered naughty or disruptive behavior in this context.

It goes against the purpose of the class, which is to practice and improve vocal skills through active participation. Therefore, lip-syncing in a chorus class would be seen as a mischievous or inappropriate action.

Frequently, in poetry

This analogy plays with the idea of using a poetic term to describe a common word. In poetry, archaic or uncommon words are sometimes used to add a certain flair or rhythm to the language.

“Oft” is a poetic and somewhat antiquated term meaning “often” or “frequently,” often used to maintain a certain meter or rhyme scheme in a poem.

Medical research org.

This analogy is a straightforward abbreviation. NIH stands for the National Institutes of Health, a prominent medical research agency in the United States.

It is responsible for conducting and funding medical research to improve public health and prevent diseases.

Party guest’s guest

This analogy is a playful way of describing an additional guest invited to a party by the primary guest.

When someone is invited to an event and is allowed to bring a guest, that guest is often referred to as a “plus one.” The term indicates that the primary guest is bringing an extra person, usually a friend or partner, to the event.

Politician with a six-year term

In the United States, Senators serve six-year terms in the Senate. This distinguishes them from members of the House of Representatives, who serve two-year terms.

Crustaceans in the genus Cyclops have only one of this organ

Cyclops is a genus of freshwater copepods, a type of crustacean. These tiny creatures are named for their single eye, which is a distinctive feature of their anatomy.

Suppress, as a yawn

To stifle means to prevent or suppress something, such as a yawn. When you stifle a yawn, you try to stop it from happening or make it less noticeable.

Many a song on the Billboard Hot 100

The term “poptune” is used informally to describe a song that is popular and likely to be found on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, which ranks the most popular songs in the United States based on sales, radio play, and streaming activity.

Yelps of pain

“Ows” is a representation of the sound people make when they yelp in pain. It’s a simple and direct way to describe the sound.

Headlining speech at a convention

A keynote speech is a speech that sets the tone or outlines the main theme of an event or conference. It is typically delivered by a notable or influential speaker and is meant to inspire or motivate the audience.

Weather phenomenon with a Spanish name

El Niño is a climate pattern that occurs in the Pacific Ocean, characterized by unusually warm ocean temperatures. It can have significant impacts on weather patterns around the world.

Hacks (off), as branches

To lop means to cut off branches or parts of something, typically with a quick, sweeping motion. It’s often used in the context of pruning trees or bushes.

One-named singer who starred in “Moonstruck”

Cher is a singer and actress known for her distinctive voice and career spanning several decades. She starred in the film “Moonstruck” and has had numerous hit songs.

“I’ve been thinking …”

The phrase “I’ve been thinking …” is often used to introduce a statement or idea that the speaker has been pondering or considering. It’s a way to signal that the following statement is something the speaker has thought about carefully.

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