The Guardian Quick Crossword Puzzle Solution April 20th ‘ 24

The Guardian Quick Crossword Puzzle Solution April 20th ‘ 24 Culture and trends

Crosswords are games, which might seem hard at first, but as you play you will get the practice and start liking the game. The crossword may vary in difficulty level from easy to hard, where we will be given numbered grid empty boxes, and inside it, we have to fill in the answers. Try the game, and see how good you are.

Brief Stop (6,5)

The Solution is FLYINGVISIT

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  • A “flying visit” goes beyond just a quick stop; it implies a short visit or stay that is brief and transitory, often involving hurried or limited interaction.
  • This term encompasses not only the brevity of the stop but also the dynamic nature of the visit, suggesting movement or travel. “Flying visit” evokes images of fleeting moments and temporary presence, emphasizing the speed and efficiency of the encounter.

Christian Afro-american Song (9)

The Solution is SPIRITUAL

  • A “spiritual” song transcends mere musical genre; it embodies the rich cultural heritage, religious expression, and communal identity of African-American Christianity. This term encompasses not only the melodies and rhythms but also the deeply spiritual themes, emotional depth, and historical significance of the genre.
  • Spiritual songs are more than just musical compositions; they’re a form of worship, celebration, and resistance, reflecting the resilience and faith of a marginalized community.

Predicament (3)

The Solution is JAM

  • A “jam” isn’t just a sticky situation; it’s a predicament or difficulty that impedes progress or movement. This term encompasses not only the literal meaning of being stuck but also the metaphorical sense of being hindered or obstructed in some way.
  • “Jam” evokes images of congestion, frustration, and uncertainty, highlighting the challenges and obstacles that arise in various situations.

Spokes (5)

The Solution is RADII

  • “Radii” isn’t just another term for spokes; it specifically refers to the plural form of “radius,” which denotes the line segment from the center to the circumference of a circle or sphere.
  • This term encompasses not only the structural components of a wheel but also the geometric principles and mathematical concepts underlying its design. “Radii” evokes images of symmetry, proportion, and precision, reflecting the elegance and functionality of circular geometry.

The Solution is BROWSER

  • A “browser” isn’t just a follower of hyperlinks; it’s a software application used to access and navigate the World Wide Web. This term encompasses not only the user interface and functionality of web browsers but also the broader cultural and technological impact of the internet.
  • “Browser” evokes images of exploration, discovery, and connectivity, reflecting the essential role of browsers in shaping how we access and interact with online content.

Mini (6)

The Solution is LITTLE

  • “Little” isn’t just a synonym for “mini”; it’s an adjective that conveys smallness, diminutiveness, or youthfulness.
  • This term encompasses not only physical size but also qualities such as significance, importance, and maturity. “Little” evokes images of innocence, modesty, and charm, suggesting a sense of endearment or affection for something small in stature but rich in character.

Sharpness (6)

The Solution is ACUITY

  • “Acuity” goes beyond just sharpness; it specifically refers to the keenness or sensitivity of perception, especially in terms of vision or intellect.
  • This term encompasses not only the ability to discern fine details but also the clarity and precision of understanding. “Acuity” evokes images of heightened awareness, perceptiveness, and insight, suggesting a sharpness of mind or senses that allows for accurate observation and interpretation.

Lofty 13 Across (7)

The Solution is GIRAFFE

  • A “giraffe” isn’t just any tall animal; it’s a specific species known for its remarkable height, long neck, and distinctive spotted coat.
  • This term encompasses not only the physical characteristics of the animal but also its behavior, habitat, and evolutionary adaptations. “Giraffe” evokes images of grace, elegance, and majesty, symbolizing the wonders of the natural world and the diversity of life on Earth.

Medical Injection (5)

The Solution is ENEMA

  • An “enema” isn’t just any medical injection; it’s a specific procedure involving the introduction of liquid into the rectum for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes.
  • This term encompasses not only the medical treatment itself but also the physiological processes and medical considerations involved. “Enema” evokes images of hygiene, cleansing, and relief, representing a common medical intervention used for various conditions.

Slide Down Slope (3)

The Solution is SKI

  • To “ski” isn’t just to slide down a slope; it’s a specific recreational activity involving the use of skis to glide over snow or other surfaces.
  • This term encompasses not only the physical motion of skiing but also the skills, techniques, and equipment associated with the sport. “Ski” evokes images of adventure, exhilaration, and freedom, symbolizing the joy of outdoor recreation and exploration in winter landscapes.

Vigorously Effective (9)

The Solution is TRENCHANT

  • “Trenchant” isn’t just vigorously effective; it specifically denotes sharpness or incisiveness in expression, criticism, or analysis. This term encompasses not only the forcefulness of impact but also the clarity, precision, and depth of insight conveyed.
  • “Trenchant” evokes images of cutting through ambiguity, challenging assumptions, and penetrating to the heart of a matter, suggesting a powerful intellectual or rhetorical force.

Innie Or Outie? (5,6)

The Solution is BELLYBUTTON

  • A “belly button” isn’t just an anatomical feature; it’s a specific structure formed during fetal development and serves as a remnant of the umbilical cord attachment.
  • This term encompasses not only the physical appearance of the navel but also its cultural significance, symbolism, and role in human anatomy. “Belly button” evokes images of connection, origin, and identity, representing the bond between mother and child and the miracle of birth.

Ring Of Flowers (3)

The Solution is LEI

  • A “lei” isn’t just any ring of flowers; it’s a traditional Polynesian garland or necklace made from flowers, leaves, or other materials.
  • This term encompasses not only the decorative aspect of the lei but also its cultural significance, symbolism, and ritual use in ceremonies and celebrations. “Lei” evokes images of hospitality, affection, and aloha spirit, representing the warmth and beauty of Hawaiian culture.

Sign (7)

The Solution is INITIAL

  • “Initial” isn’t just any sign; it specifically refers to the first letter of a word, especially when used as an abbreviation or part of someone’s name.
  • This term encompasses not only the symbolic representation of a concept or identity but also its function in communication and identification. “Initial” evokes images of beginnings, identity, and distinction, suggesting a mark that represents the essence or origin of something.

Squalid (6)

The Solution is GRUBBY

  • “Grubby” isn’t just dirty or messy; it specifically connotes a state of squalor or filthiness, often associated with neglect or poverty. This term encompasses not only the physical condition of uncleanliness but also the social and environmental factors that contribute to it.
  • “Grubby” evokes images of dilapidation, degradation, and despair, suggesting a sense of discomfort or disgust in the face of unhygienic surroundings.

Arctic Abode (5)

The Solution is IGLOO

  • An “igloo” isn’t just any dwelling; it’s a specific type of shelter built from blocks of snow or ice, traditionally used by the indigenous Inuit people of the Arctic regions.
  • This term encompasses not only the architectural structure of the igloo but also its cultural significance, functionality, and adaptability to extreme cold climates. “Igloo” evokes images of resilience, resourcefulness, and communal living in harsh environments.

Unfairness (9)

The Solution is INJUSTICE

  • “Injustice” isn’t just any form of unfairness; it specifically refers to a violation of rights or principles, often resulting in harm or discrimination against individuals or groups.
  • This term encompasses not only the imbalance or inequity in treatment but also the moral and legal implications of such actions. “Injustice” evokes images of oppression, inequality, and indignation, suggesting a call to action for redress and reform.

Stars Reader (11)

The Solution is ASTROLOGIST

  • An “astrologist” isn’t just someone who reads stars; it specifically refers to a practitioner of astrology, the study of celestial bodies’ positions and their supposed influence on human affairs and natural phenomena.
  • This term encompasses not only the interpretation of celestial phenomena but also the cultural and philosophical traditions associated with astrology.
  • “Astrologist” evokes images of mysticism, spirituality, and cosmic insight, suggesting a belief in the interconnectedness of the universe and human destiny.

Walking Encyclopaedia (6-5)

The Solution is SMARTYPANTS

“Smartypants” isn’t just someone knowledgeable; it specifically refers to a person who flaunts or shows off their intelligence or erudition. This term encompasses not only intellectual prowess but also the attitude or behavior associated with it. “Smartypants” evokes images of confidence, wit, and sometimes arrogance, suggesting a playful or lighthearted way of acknowledging someone’s intelligence.

Dictate (9)

The Solution is DETERMINE

  • “Determine” isn’t just to dictate; it specifically refers to the act of making a decision or reaching a conclusion after careful consideration or investigation.
  • This term encompasses not only the authority to dictate but also the agency and responsibility inherent in decision-making. “Determine” evokes images of purpose, resolve, and agency, suggesting an active and deliberate process of shaping outcomes or direction.

Cropped Hairdo (4,3)

The Solution is CREWCUT

  • A “crew cut” isn’t just any cropped hairdo; it specifically refers to a short hairstyle where the hair on the top of the head is cut short and the sides are tapered.
  • This term encompasses not only the style of haircut but also its cultural associations, often linked to military, athletic, or conservative aesthetics. “Crew cut” evokes images of neatness, simplicity, and practicality, suggesting a no-nonsense approach to grooming.

Echoing Effect (6)

The Solution is REVERB

  • “Reverb” isn’t just any echoing effect; it specifically refers to the persistence of sound reflections in an enclosed space, creating a sense of spaciousness or ambiance.
  • This term encompasses not only the acoustic phenomenon but also its artistic and technical applications in music production and audio engineering. “Reverb” evokes images of depth, resonance, and atmosphere, suggesting a way of enhancing sound quality and spatial perception.

Deadly (5)

The Solution is FATAL

  • “Fatal” isn’t just dangerous; it specifically denotes something causing death or leading to a fatal outcome. This term encompasses not only the potential for harm or mortality but also the finality and irreversible nature of death.
  • “Fatal” evokes images of mortality, tragedy, and loss, suggesting a heightened sense of urgency or seriousness in situations involving life-threatening risks or consequences.

Long __, In The Distant Past (3)

The Solution is AGO

  • “Ago” isn’t just any point in the past; it specifically refers to a time period preceding the present moment, indicating how long ago an event occurred.
  • This term encompasses not only the temporal distance but also the concept of elapsed time and historical context. “Ago” evokes images of nostalgia, reminiscence, and the passage of time, suggesting a way of measuring or reflecting on past experiences or events.

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