TikToker Exposes A Female Idol For Fat-Shaming Her Friend During A Schedule

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Netizens were unsurprisingly trying to guess the idol.

Although netizens like to believe all idols are perfect, stories can showcase a very different reality.

Recently, user @hankyute on TikTok shared a story about a female idol who fat-shamed her friend during a schedule…


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In the video, the OP explained that her friend is a model in Korea, meaning that she sometimes works on music videos and also, sometimes, K-Dramas.

Yet, despite not being Korean, her friend can speak the language but because she doesn’t fit the “Korean” image, many don’t believe she can understand and will say rude things about her thinking she doesn’t know what is being said.

The OP explained that during breaks, there is time to have a break or get some food.

At one point, it seemed like one of the idols had finished filming and wanted to rest. But to do this, they had to go past the OP’s friend.

As the idol was walking past, OP’s friend dropped some food and immediately apologized before getting some napkins to pick the food up.

Rather than walking around, the OP then revealed that the idol fat-shamed her friend, calling her a pig and then saying that the reason the food fell was because they were “overweight.”

When her friend turned around, the idol took her confused look as not being able to understand, so she smirked and walked away.

While some netizens realized that the OP couldn’t share the actual idol they were discussing…


It didn’t stop fans from speculating about who it could be, naming many fourth-generation female idols. While it’s true that netizens never know what idols are really like, it doesn’t stop many from being shocked when stories come out that showcase that some idols might be different IRL.


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