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Everyone is talking about the wine glasses in this season of Love is Blind. HOLR breaks down the rumors.

Love is Blind Season 6

According to this TikTok video posted by user @sammysamslife, there are a few reasons why production chooses to have contestants drink out of opaque, gold wine glasses.

Love is Blind Wine Glasses 

As the TikToker claims, one of the main reasons why is that production does not want viewers to be able to see how much liquid is inside of each of the glasses. Having contestants drink out of opaque cups will ensure no continuity errors throughout the series. When the show is edited, it may not be in chronological order so if you can see the amount of liquid showing in each scene, you may be able to piece together certain parts that seem out of order.

Supposedly, another reason why the show uses opaque classes is so viewers cannot tell what type of liquid is being consumed during each scene. Production reportedly wants people to assume everyone is drinking but in reality, people could be drinking different things such as water, coffee, etc.

The cups are likely gold in color because of aesthetic purposes, as the TikToker claims. The reason remains unknown. A variation of these wine glasses has been used in newer seasons of Love is Blind to date so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they’re being used in Season 6 of the series. Earlier seasons of the show seemingly featured some clear cups and glasses.

Although these supposed reasons behind the wine glasses have not been officially confirmed, what do you think of this alleged information?

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Image credits: @sammysamslife TikTok, @loveisblindnetflix Instagram


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