Orchid – 6 ways to grow a whole bouquet from just 1 stick

Орхидея - 6 начина да отгледате цял букет само от 1 пръчка Garden

For this purpose, the following methods are applicable – rooting in a mushroom, in natural conditions, in a potato, in a banana, in wax and by the shock method.

Propagation of orchids without root

Rooting in a mushroom – if you want to propagate orchids with stalks, then this method will be useful to you.

All you need is a simple kitchen sponge and a tall glass vase. Cut off the stem of the flower and insert it into the opening of the sponge.

Place the mushroom with the stem of the flower at the bottom of the vase and pour some water. After 10 days, small roots should appear on the stalk.

The orchid will begin to bloom with lush blooms if you do this

Potato rooting – this method is suitable for rooting orchid leaves. You will need potato tuber and sphagnum moss.

Potatoes contain starch and moisture that help the leaves to root. Make slits in the potato and insert a leaf from the cauliflower. Wrap the potatoes in moist sphagnum moss. After 10-14 days, the leaves should take root.

Rooting in banana – this method is also suitable for rooting flower stems of orchids. You will need a banana and sphagnum moss.

The banana has a high nutritional value and contains enough moisture to stimulate the rooting of flower stems.

Place the flower stem in half a banana and cover it with moist sphagnum moss. After 14-20 days, you can transplant the rooted peduncle into a pot with orchid soil.

Rooting in natural conditions – this method imitates the natural habitat of orchids – a tropical forest. You will need logs, activated carbon, coir and sphagnum moss.

Cut the handle into 3 parts, treat each cut with activated carbon.

Attach parts of the flower stem to the logs and line them with coir and moist sphagnum moss. Place the logs in a bright place without direct sunlight. Periodically spray the moss with water.

Rooting using the “shock method” – this method is based on the fact that stress can make orchids, like all other plants, take root.

You will need a flat saucer of water, a sock and boiling water. Cut a leaf from the orchid and hold it over steam of boiling water for a few seconds.

Then place the leaf in a small slit of the sock and place it on a saucer of water. After 10-20 days, the leaf will take root.

Rooting in wax – this is a rather unusual method of rooting the flower. You will need wax, a vase of moist sphagnum moss and film.

Cut off the stem of the flower and seal the cut with wax. Place the stem in a vase with sphagnum moss and cover it with film.

Leave for 10 days, periodically opening and moistening the moss. Using this method, orchids also take root well.

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