When is winter spraying done on fruit trees


Fruit trees are the pride of every gardener, but in order to enjoy healthy and tasty fruits, it is necessary to take special care. Winter spraying of fruit trees is one such care. This process, from leaf fall to bud break in spring, is key to protecting trees from winter pests and diseases.

When is winter spraying done on fruit trees?

The best time for winter spraying of fruit trees is when the buds swell. Then the overwintering stages of insects and mites become more vulnerable to the action of plant protection preparations after surviving the long winter period. In late winter, when temperatures rise, the effectiveness of chemical agents increases. This period provides enough favorable days for successful winter spraying of small orchards.

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How is the winter spraying of fruit trees carried out?

Winter spraying of fruit trees requires the destruction of the winter stages of insects and mites that overwinter on the stem, along with the branches and buds. To be effective, spraying must cover all parts of the trees. This effect is achieved with sprayers equipped with wide nozzle openings, which disperse the solution in the form of large drops and cover the above-ground part of the tree from all sides. It is important to note that the expense of a winter spray solution for fruit trees can be significant.


Is winter spraying enough?

Many diseases and pests, such as mites, aphids and scale insects, overwinter on fruit plants. Although winter spraying aims to destroy these pests, their complete destruction cannot be guaranteed. Some individuals may survive and reproduce through the summer, putting the trees at risk. For some diseases, such as plum blight, only winter spraying may be sufficient.

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Weather conditions for winter spraying

Winter spraying should be done in calm weather, without wind, to ensure even coverage of the trees with the solution. For the successful implementation of the process, days with sunny weather are preferred. Spraying during the growing season requires calm, sunny days with no chance of precipitation. The preferred time to spray is in the morning or evening when the atmosphere is calmer. If there is an opportunity to illuminate the garden and there is no dew, spraying can also be done at night.

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Winter spraying of fruit trees is an important step in ensuring healthy and productive orchards. Correctly performed winter spraying reduces the density of the infestation and provides an opportunity to postpone summer spraying. However, it is not possible to guarantee the complete destruction of all diseases and pests that overwinter on fruit plants. For optimal protection and fertility, combining winter spraying with summer spraying may be necessary, especially when fast-growing pests are a possibility.

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