Many people associate the actress Tereza Bebarová with the role of Svetlana in the series Street, where she played for fifteen long years. But for me, she is above all one of the presenters of the program Peche zela zeme, which is regularly watched by almost our entire family. Although it is a competition of amateur confectioners, everyone wants to win, but I enjoy how the contestants help and support each other.

“We had a lot of fun too! We are planning a third season in May. We even already have very skilled contestants selected,” says Tereza, adding that she is pleased with the feedback on the competition, which confirms the increased interest of young people in confectionary fields. “It’s a trendy profession, although it’s difficult, but very creative and, I think, also fun. That show definitely contributed to that, just like when people started dancing thanks to StarDance. And in baking, they started to focus more on how to bake well and better,” adds the actress, who was inspired by this experience to create her own show.

Merry Christmas

At the time when the Peche zela zeme competition ended and the lockdown began, Tereza needed to try something new. “My husband Ivan came up with the idea of ​​creating his own show not only about baking, but also about skilled people here in the Czech Republic,” the actress says, adding that they called the hour-long broadcast Čas na TE.BE and offered it to a small television.

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“We also approached confectioner Josef Maršálek, who immediately agreed to cooperation. And then we looked for various skilled people, amateurs and small companies. Thanks to this, today I like to work with the Janek chocolate factory, for example. It was actually a survey of what our people can do,” explains Tereza, who, thanks to the program, discovered that in the Czech Republic there are many great creatorscraftsmen and small entrepreneurs.

“Josef sponsored the whole thing because he is a symbol a clever person. I myself didn’t bake much before, only occasionally, but I managed to make a really good Christmas cake at home today,” she praises herself and adds that it is always necessary to follow the exact procedure, but also to bake in a relaxed and calm manner. “I don’t deal with concerns anymore, mainly so that it doesn’t happen, mainly so that I don’t mess it up… In short, stress doesn’t belong in baking. I want to relax with him and transfer that well-being to the final product.”

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Caring for the microbiome

Speaking of baking and food in general, the actress also mentions her findings regarding nutrition and microbiome care. “After my second birth, when I was 44, I felt very exhausted. The pregnancy was fine, but with age, energy decreases, nutrients in the body, collagen, metabolism slows down… In addition, I didn’t feel good mentally either, it just wasn’t the same. And even though I was taking vitamins, I didn’t notice a change,” recalls Tereza.

She gradually realized that the body must be in good overall condition in order to be able to vitamins absorb. “And the quality of our microbiome is closely related to that, which is such a diverse community of good and bad bacteria on the skin and in the body. We all have them. You just have to make sure that their ratio is in balance,” the actress explains.

And so her whole family daily uses liposomal vitamins, probiotics and prebiotics. “We feel good. We eat a lot of fermented foods, we have rituals that we have adopted. One Czech brand, which produces dietary supplements, also fit nicely into the whole thing. At first I looked at it skeptically, but now I know that it is a good system for effectively supplying the body with what it needs,” the presenter describes her experience.

Vaclav Copt

Bábovka is my best, says Václav Kopta, presenter of the program Peche celá země

She started reading more and more about the microbiome, listening to podcasts, for example with Dr. Ryšávka or with psychiatrist Radkin Honzák, who deals with the microbiome. “It made me think about the connections that scientists have long presented to us when they point to the risks of obesity or the diseases of civilization. They know very well how diet fundamentally affects our microbiome, I just feel that this topic has not yet completely penetrated among doctors.”

Own cosmetics

Tereza also likes to experiment with cosmetics, which he also produces. “It didn’t always turn out well, once I even turned as red as a baboon, probably because of the essential oil content,” she laughs, saying that in the end she managed to mix a product with great potential.

“We presented our formula to a clever woman who understands natural cosmetics, and thanks to her, a serum was created, which I must say is great,” describes the actress, adding: “The basis is a thousand-year-old ingredient, but I can’t reveal more yet. We still have to choose the bottles, the logo, it’s a long process.”

Tereza with her ten-year-old daughter Klaudia

Parents to kindergarten

Terez’s strong bond with nature was also manifested in the fact that both of her daughters go to forest schools and kindergartens. Even though the older one is now waiting for the transition to the sixth grade in a standard school, Tereza is glad that she got to know another option.

“It was great when, as parents, we had the opportunity to spend the whole day and night in the forest nursery – we just changed it with the children. We had the same regime as them, just like them we slept in a maringotka in sleeping bags… Some might call it ‘sunbathing’, but it is really that simple and simple, if a child takes a twig, for example, he goes digging in the dirt with it and nothing more is expected of him… Children and adults quickly understand and accept that there are no toys in the forest nursery, that sometimes it is cold, windy, raining… We and our daughters have accepted it and it works for us,” he says Finally, Teresa.