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The lip area is one of the most exposed and therefore sensitive areas of our body.Although sometimes we forget that they are there, especially when talking about the facial routine of care daily, it is something that we must take more into account since They are another part of the face that accumulates impurities, ages and dehydrates just like the skin on your faceto which we do give a lot of importance and a long list of cosmetics to cleanse it, regenerate it and keep it perfectly hydrated” they remind us from the Spanish beauty brand You Are The Princess.

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Therefore, choosing good protection cannot be trivial. The classic balm, popularly known as “cacao” has a direct competitor in this field, lip oil. Why is it gaining followers? “TIt has a much greater penetration capacity than traditional cocoa, enhancing hydration and penetration of the active ingredients.. The lips They lack sebaceous glands, which makes it very easy for them to dry out and flake.

This situation is aggravated by factors such as temperature, ultraviolet rays, some medications, nutritional deficiencies or pollution,” Primor experts remind us.

In this sense, “the oils lipstick They penetrate the deepest layers, making the active ingredients do their job better.. Usually, we can find lip oils enriched with vitamin A, E, B, zinc and essential fatty acids. The latter provide great benefits to our skin, providing shine, softness and nutrition.

Thanks to its composition, which abounds in oils essential, the oils lipstick They repair skin tissues, hydrate, deeply nourish, fight against signs of aging and give a healthy appearance.. In addition, they usually contain emollient fatty acids that are absorbed by the skin very easily and keep the skin hydrated for longer hours,” they add.

Some even have pigments that add color to the lips, literally making them all in one.

Some essentials

Lip Comfort Oil, of Clarins is a fantastic tinted lip oil that ensures shine, nutrition and comfort. Its formula has been perfected and enriched with 93% ingredients of natural origin, including 30% ultra-nutritious botanical oils, among which are extracts of organic jojoba oil, hazelnut oil and organic rosehip oil.

In addition to providing nutrition and comfort, this extract strengthens the function of the lip barrier and therefore protects against environmental aggressions.

Oil Oil Infused Lip Tintof NARS It has been designed with a gel texture that glides smoothly and evenly over the lips without leaving a greasy effect on them. It combines, in this sense, hydration and shine.

Among its ingredients we discover the oil of raspberry seeds and vitamins A and E that provide nutrition and softness to the lips while protecting them against environmental attacks. It also contains pomegranate extract, an active ingredient known for its long-lasting antioxidant and moisturizing properties.

The lip balm Dior Addict Lip Glowof Dior becomes a shiny lip oil that intensely protects, beautifies and enhances the natural color of the lips in a long-lasting way.

Enriched with cherry oil, it nourishes, protects, softens and revitalizes lips instantly. Combines an intense treatment formula with a natural, flattering color finish for an ultra-luminous result.

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