Nicolas Aujula is a 37-year-old psychic from South London. Among other things, foreign media claim about him that this Englishman predicted the coronavirus pandemic and Trump’s failure in the 2020 US presidential election. Aujula claims that he can see into the future thanks to his supernatural abilities.

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“When I was seventeen, I fell into a trance and remembered my past lives. I was an Egyptian queen, a lion, a teacher, and even a participant in the Great French Revolution. That was the turning point when I realized my supernatural gift. I finished my studies and started doing regression therapy,” he told the Daily Mail website. Nicolas Aujula further claims that he already had a vision years ago when he had to prove himself with a medical certificate on the way to the airport. It didn’t make sense to him at the time.

“When covid-19 came and everyone had to show proof of vaccination at airports, that’s when it started to make sense to me. What seemed far-fetched has really become a reality. It was like from a bad movie,” he said for the website Ladbible.

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Another of his successful predictions was unseen Notre-Dame cathedral fire in Paris in 2019 and also the election loss of the then US President Donald Trump in 2020.

According to foreign media such as The Sun, Daily Mail, NY Post, Aujula has now focused on what awaits us in 2023. He came up with eight predictions that the world will face in the coming months.

1. The Royal Palace Fire

“I had a terrible vision of a fire engulfing the royal building. It could also happen that there will be a coup d’état or the overthrow of the leader,” Aujula told The Sun website.

2. The popularity and income of the royal family will decrease

“I think the popularity and income of the royal family will decrease. They may be forced to sell some of their properties or convert them into a hotel,” he further told The Sun website.

The well-known British celebrity Lizzie Cundy (full name Elizabeth Jane Cundy) overcomes mental blocks through regression therapy, which Aujula specializes in:

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3. Health problems of King Charles III.

Aujula further predicts King Charles III. health problems. According to him, it should be a problem related to the heart or blood circulation.

4. Economic crisis

British Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt recently revealed that Great Britain has fallen into recession for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis. The reason is the war in Ukraine and long-lasting supply difficulties caused by the pandemic.

“I think the economic downturn will last a long time. So six to seven years,” says Aujula. “The worst will come at the end of the decade. Many financially unstable businesses will be closed and employees will be laid off,” he added to the British newspaper Daily Mail.

5. The well-known front faces a crisis in the summer

In Great Britain, the ruling Conservative Party recently experienced major personnel earthquakes, when Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his successor, Liz Truss, were forced to resign in quick succession. And according to Aujula, even the current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak cannot be calm.

“I have a feeling that the Conservative Party is going to have another crisis in the summer, between June and August,” predicted Aujula.

6. A British cyclist breaks the record

Aujula also came up with one non-conflicting prediction. It should be a celebration of a great cycling success. Someone with a British flag on a bike should be happy to win and break the record. For example, Mark Cavendish or Daniel Bigham are offered.

7. Madonna will experience grief

In his predictions, Aujula also touched on the world of show business. He predicted a difficult and sad year for the queen of pop, Madonna.

“This formerly great sex symbol has recently been shocking his fans with his physical appearance,” he added.

The Queen Elizabeth II.

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8. Beyoncé’s relationship problems

The other big celebrity Aujula targeted in his prediction is singer Beyoncé. She assumes relationship problems with her longtime husband Jay-Z. They got married in 2008 and during that time they have already overcome countless scandals and difficulties. They raise three children together.

“Beyoncé is going through a change in her life, and she might start to question her relationship even more,” he said.