The five best kits to do teeth whitening at home

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Good care of teeth and, in general, Oral hygiene is essential to keep them white and radiant.. If proper cleaning is not carried out, the bacteria accumulated on the teeth crystallize, forming a yellowish layer that damages the original enamel of the teeth.

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However, there are cases in which the yellowish tone is produced by other factors such as, for example, excessive consumption of drinks with artificial colors, aging, smoking or simply genetics.

This is why many people go to the dentist to obtain cosmetic dentistry treatments that eliminate dental stains and return the teeth to their original white. With this type of procedures, the appearance of the teeth is improved, clarifying them and restoring their shine.

And at home? In addition to the classic tricks of whitening homemadesuch as the use of baking soda, lemon or activated charcoal, consumers currently have many offers on the market to undergo professional teeth whitening from the comfort of home.

There are many dental and aesthetic lines that have taken account of this growing demand for whitening products and have marketed their own. kits. In addition, many others have emerged with the sole purpose of bringing to the market options easy, fast and non-invasive professional whitening to do at home.

The key to verifying that a whitening product is effective and, therefore, a good purchasing choice is to check that it includes a series of relevant aspects. These include: the visibility of results in a short period of time, that the product is respectful of sensitive teeth and, of course, that the effectiveness of the item has been scientifically proven by experts.

Below we leave you with the five best kits among which you can choose if you want to eliminate the yellowish tone of your teeth.

The five best kits to whiten your teeth yourself

1. Whitify

He kit It is made up of a baking soda gel and natural extracts, among other things, that enhance whitening, as well as an LED camera that accelerates the whitening process.

A particularity of this product is that its formula does not contain hydrogen peroxide, an aggressive substance that can damage tooth enamel and that many other whitening products do contain. You will only have to spend fifteen days a day to achieve effective results. This product whitens between four and seven shades and, with it, you will obtain visible results from the first application.


This product has an LED light, advanced syringes and a formula developed with 100% natural products that will allow you to whiten your teeth safely and effectively. This product is easy to apply and you will only have to spend 10 minutes a day to start seeing results.

MySmile Whitening Kit

MySmile Whitening Kit

3. IWhite

This product promises to achieve a finish that is up to eight shades lighter. It is a consolidated brand in up to fifty countries and the product has been scientifically tested. IWhite It combines triple tooth whitening technology with crystallized calcium technology to restore enamel and strengthen tooth structure.

IWhite Whitening Kit

IWhite Whitening Kit


This brand, in addition to having a kit own whitener, offers a wide variety of items to restore the natural color of your teeth, including a serum and whitening strips.

Its formula combines technology and PAP+, its exclusive whitening formula that is respectful of teeth, even highly sensitive ones, throughout the entire process. The active whitening ingredient in its PAP+ formula is phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid, a safe and effective alternative to peroxide, which is a more aggressive ingredient.

5. Lacer Blanc

kit Easy-to-use whitener with immediate effect after the first application. It claims to whiten teeth nine shades in a week with a daily application of the product. This is an option that includes a total of ten uses. The effectiveness of the product depends on the initial shade of the tooth.

Lacer Blanc whitening kit

Lacer Blanc whitening kit

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