This potato concoction lowers cholesterol, unclogs vessels and extends life

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Potatoes were brought to Russia by order of Peter the Great at the end of the 17th century. Almost immediately, the unusual vegetable for the Russian people quickly became one of the favorites. They not only began to prepare many dishes from potatoes, but also created various drinks: juice, jelly, even kvass.

The water in which the potatoes were boiled is not thrown away, but is used to treat various diseases: for example, colds.

The use of “water from under the potatoes” is confirmed by modern science.

Scientists from the Institute of Nutrition of Germany call potato broth a potion of Hippocrates and consider it a universal medicine.

So the “potato decoction” perfectly removes toxins from the body and cleans the intestines from mucus, helps relieve the symptoms of arthritis. Regular use of potato broth helps normalize blood pressure, and when you have a cold, you should breathe over the broth with a towel over it.

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It is true that in order to preserve all the useful substances in the potato broth, it must be properly prepared. Peeling potatoes before cooking is not necessary, as the peel contains up to 50% of the total amount of vitamins. Potatoes should be well washed and immersed in boiling water. These secrets will help you prepare a real healing drink.


Potato decoction should not be drunk by people suffering from diabetes, low blood pressure and allergies.

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