Tarologist and medium Anna Atamanova answered whether Ukraine will win the war in 2021. She shared what she predicted.

According to her, the layout of the maps shows that the number 5 is coming to Ukraine.

“The year 2023 is to some extent also a five, because 2+3 is 5. Most likely, however, Ukrainians can expect victory in 2025,” predicts the tarotologist.

Atamanova made a prediction on Tarot cards. According to her, there will be more and more Russian attacks on Ukrainian territory in 2023. According to her, however, they will not be so massed and there will be water battles.

Atamanova also promises positive news for Ukrainians in 2025. She specifies that in 2025 military successes will prevail and the conflict will end.

According to her, intense battles await the Ukrainians in 2023, and the year will be difficult at least in the first two months of its beginning. Later, the situation will improve, but stability will not last long.

Translation and editing by BLITZ

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