3 illusions that make men lonely and can’t find a lady of the heart

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Having an affair with one woman is an expensive pleasure, and communication with different ladies is cheap and empty?

  • First illusion
  • Second illusion
  • third illusion

Men who like to fantasize often give way to more adequate representatives of the stronger sex.

All people have different preferences and interests, and there will always be those people who are comfortable living alone.

It is very sad when men in need of a relationship dive deep into their own dreams. But their life is rapidly passing, and nothing changes.

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What illusions should men forget about forever in order to make themselves and their lady of the heart happy?

First illusion

If changes appear in the legislation that allow infringing on women’s rights, then the life of men will become better, and families will be friendly and strong.

If, for example, alimony were canceled and separate ownership of property was established, then women would forever lose the desire to file for divorce. Some “great thinkers” believe that such changes will make men more willing to marry.

They will marry more often, and the number of divorces will noticeably decrease. But such assumptions are based on the fact that, first of all, women need a family and children, and men only kindly agree to enter into a marriage union, which is unprofitable for them.

In reality, if restrictions on women’s rights regarding family and marriage relations are introduced, the number of marriages will noticeably decrease.

Many representatives of the weaker sex simply do not want to get married and have offspring. The model of such a situation is the 90s.

At that time, negative conditions prevailed that did not allow having children: poverty, lack of work and confidence in the future. As a result, there was a decline in the birth rate in our country, the consequences of which we have to cope with to this day.

Second illusion

If a man tells a woman that she is obliged to fulfill all his conditions and follow all his rules, then she will recognize that he is in charge and become obedient and calm.

Many men have had to face this delusion when they read the ideas reflected in the so-called “male enlightenment”. This illusion is more susceptible to young people who do not have enough experience in love relationships.

But in the end, the younger comrades experience bitter disappointment and take offense at the older educators. When young men begin to behave inappropriately, stop paying attention to women, try to dominate them in all situations and prove their superiority in a rude way, then the ladies begin to quietly hate them and, ultimately, leave forever.

And they are trying to find a more successful candidate. All girls have a choice, and for pretty, adequate young ladies, the choice is automatically expanded. They can easily find a man who is very interested in relationships and, for all his virtues, does not behave like a king.

Adult women have a much smaller choice of suitors, however, their needs are much more modest, because the mission of procreation has long been completed.

Because of all this, even the most astute fighters for this idea had to admit that in modern life, rudeness and dominance will not help to keep a woman. The stronger sex will have to work on relationships, keep a balance. If a man is not ready to do all this, then he will simply remain without a relationship.

third illusion

Meetings with one lady will cost much more than meetings with different women.

Men are ready to repeat as many times as they want that buying flowers, paying for a girl in a restaurant or giving her gifts is terribly expensive. The stronger sex is convinced that a relationship with one woman “will cost them a pretty penny”, because every day they will have to take care of her, pamper and delight her with pleasant, but far from cheap surprises.

But men completely forgot about the rules of real arithmetic, according to which it is better to receive 2 salaries at once than one, but renting one housing is 2 times cheaper than two apartments at once, it is also more difficult for both the average woman and the average man to support a child on their own. So, fleeting relationships with different women are much more expensive than a permanent relationship with one partner.

Relationships of a couple that last a long time should economically look something like this: the candy-bouquet period does not last as long as many members of the stronger sex think. Then it is replaced by cooperation, which is beneficial to both the man and the woman. It is this that occupies more than 90% of family life.

Women are engaged in cooking, save the family budget and support spouses financially at a difficult moment. But short relationships involve constant expenses for a man, and in the end the result may turn out to be the most unpredictable. In addition, a man will completely lose the benefits that will be available to him only in a life together. It turns out that he will only give and receive nothing in return.

True nature, cruelly arranged, is characterized by the presence of natural selection. While male dreamers are chasing illusions, the sane build their lives in real time and find family happiness.

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