4 right ways to resolve conflicts: you can get out of any situation with dignity

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Every day a person is surrounded by a huge number of acquaintances, colleagues, friends and other members of society. He is forced to interact with them, to resolve various issues.

  • Refuse conflict
  • Don’t react
  • to be taller
  • Humor

This is not always easy, because points of view may not converge, they may differ radically. The slightest careless step in this case can lead to the fact that a conflict will begin. And this is hardly anyone wants.

If the situation has become tense, then the dispute should be stopped. There are several ways to do this.

Refuse conflict

Often the very manner of speaking that a person observes can provoke a conflict. The individual may either be too aggressive or may resemble the victim.

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In any of these cases, quarrels will occur. In the first case, he should moderate his ardor. In the second case, you need to straighten your shoulders, behave confidently. In this case, there will be many times fewer people who want to enter into a dispute.

Don’t react

Sometimes a person is deliberately pissed off, provoked to aggression. In this case, it would be better not to enter into debates, not to react at all to what is happening.

Very often it happens that someone needs exactly the reaction of the individual. You should not give pleasure to anyone and show it.

to be taller

If the offender begins to get personal, you should not answer him in the same way, although such a desire will certainly arise.

You should be above this, not succumb to the desire to be rude. In this case, the conversation will quickly lose its meaning.


The conflict can go into a serious stage, a person may feel that he will soon explode, begin to be rude. In this case, he should look for something funny in what is happening, find an opportunity to joke.

So he himself will feel better, experience positive emotions, and also defuse the situation. But it is worth remembering that the opponent can respond in kind, that he can also begin to hurt weak points.

If there is a willingness to laugh at this, then you can resort to using this technique.

Such behavior in a conflict situation will be appropriate. They will allow you to get out of an unpleasant situation, to ensure that disagreements remain in the past.

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