A huge miracle happened in the temple of Venerable Stoina

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Zaharinka Champoeva is a retired children’s teacher from Ruse. In the month of May this year I had a second stroke after losing my son, who suffered from cancer. When the coffin with the body of her first child is closed, the life of the mother Zaharinka turns into an endless nightmare.

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“Nikola completed two higher educations, has two children, but was unable to overcome cancer… He passed away in May. The pain was unbearable. I had already survived one stroke, but another one hit me. It made me completely immobile. My left side was paralyzed. I was lying at home, and to take just a few painful steps I needed two crutches. But somehow I had to continue my life,” the woman told “Bulgaria Dnes”.

The elderly woman found out from the television about the miraculous church “St. George” in the village of Zlatolist, where Venerable Stoina performed miracles during her lifetime.

My husband is an atheist, an absolute non-believer. Nevertheless, he agreed to make this difficult journey. It was difficult because he didn’t drive a long way, we had to take frequent breaks. We slept in Sandanski and the next day we drove to Zlatolist. All along I had the feeling that something was leading us forward in the right direction. In the center of the village we met an old man. It turned out to be Bai Costa, the living history of Goldilocks. As a child, he was also miraculously saved by Venerable Stoina,” says Zaharinka.

Entering the yard, I don’t know what happened to me, but I shuddered and put down my crutches. I crossed the entrance of the church alone and stood barefoot on the stone in front of the altar. I was saying my prayers when my head spun and I felt like something took me momentarily to another dimension. It feels like you’re being lifted up into the air and then brought back down to earth. Then, all by myself, unaided, I climbed the stairs to the little room in which the Reverend Stoyne had liveda. I prayed, and tears began to flow from my eyes. Something grabbed me again I felt pure physical touch, even though I was alone. I walked back up the steps to the church and the altar. I heard my husband, a staunch atheist, to say: “Some kind of miracle is happening, you are walking…”. Then we went around all the places charged with energy near the temple. I went to the Reverend’s grave, to the swing in the yard. We hugged the ancient tree. I didn’t feel like leaving there. Interestingly, even my husband, in whom he had no faith at all, felt the power of this place. He told me: “We can leave straight for Ruse, we won’t stop anywhere. I feel like I can drive a thousand kilometers”. And so it happened. After this visit to Zlatolist, my life changed and gained meaning again. Recently, my husband and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. We have an icon of Venerable Stoina in our home. The saint who brought me back to life again.”

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