Belarusian displays seen as worthy competitors for imports

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VITEBSK, 30 March (BelTA) – Products made by OAO KB Display can and should compete with foreign analogs, however, the company needs highly qualified personnel, BelTA learned from Chairman of the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee Aleksandr Subbotin.

Director of KB Display Aleksandr Voitenkov informed the head of the Vitebsk Oblast administration about a new product, which is going through the certification procedure – high-contrast displays for medical applications. These display show colors exactly as they are. Such displays will be irreplaceable as part of laparoscopic and endoscopic equipment. During surgeries the display will present the real color picture, which will help medics more precisely determine problem spots, for instance, cancer sites.

After getting familiar with the R&D products of one of Vitebsk Oblast’s leading enterprises and research centers, Aleksandr Subbotin remarked that KB Display products can and should compete with foreign analogs. “We need these import-substituting products. They will be in demand in Belarus, in our hospitals. The enterprise predicts what it has to accomplish in the next 15-20 years and is already getting ready to do it,” the head of the Vitebsk Oblast administration remarked.

KB Display’s management also mentioned what problems the Vitebsk Oblast administration can help the company resolve. “First of all, we need highly qualified and highly specialized personnel. It is quite a standard problem for enterprises and organizations that rely heavily on science. We’ve lost a generation of scientific and technological personnel, who could work to their full capacity now. Those are blue-collar workers and product engineers, who will be necessary considering the existing package of orders and the development of KB Display’s scientific potential. We have them but we could use more of them. It is difficult to train all the specialists the enterprise needs in one region. We may have to discuss the issue at the national level because various Belarusian education institutions train the personnel KB Display needs,” the Vitebsk Oblast governor noted.

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