Even after 10 years, the kitchen counter will be like new if you clean it like this

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The counter is one of the places in the kitchen that needs to be cleaned regularly. For this purpose, most housewives use special cleaning agents. But before long, the kitchen counter loses its color and shine. This is due to the abrasive particles contained in the cleaning agents.

In this case, skilled housewives rely on an effective tool that successfully replaces household preparations.

The mixture that cleans the kitchen counter perfectly

To prepare it, use a store-bought glass cleaner. You also need dishwashing detergent. For every 100 ml of product, add a tablespoon of vinegar (6%).

The mixture with which the whole kitchen will shine with cleanliness

The ingredients are mixed, poured into a spray pump bottle, then the mixture is applied to the counter. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes and then simply wipe the counter with a clean cloth.

This detergent is suitable not only for cleaning countertops, but also kitchen cabinets.

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