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How to properly care for your nails?

Как правилно да се грижите за ноктите си?

Both skin and hair as well as nails need special care to stay beautiful. With a few simple steps, we can maintain their strength and shine or regain them in case they have lost them. How to take care of them?

Hydration from the inside is just as important as the outside. Consume plenty of foods and drinks that are natural moisturizers. If you love healthy and refreshing drinks, don’t miss coconut water, which is an ideal hydrator and takes care of beauty from within. Dehydration of the body is one of the main causes of brittle nails.

Use essential oils for nail health. To nourish and soften the cuticles around the nails, make frequent massages with almond oil and jojoba oil. They will help rehydrate them and grow healthy and beautiful nails.

Wear gloves. Don’t forget to wear gloves in the cold weather. When doing housework, also wear household gloves, which will protect your nails from breakage, excessive moisture and the harmful effects of cleaning agents.


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