Not only for tea: options for using boiling water in everyday life

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Hot water is useful for more than just making coffee or tea.

  • Weed removal
  • Cooking scrambled eggs
  • Perfect slices of bread
  • gap elimination
  • Disinfection of cutting boards
  • Getting rid of red wine stains
  • Preparing wash towels

Boiling water can be used to solve many other household tasks.

Consider the most popular options that deserve your attention.

Weed removal

It is not necessary to use dangerous chemicals to get rid of weeds. Boiling water is an environmentally friendly option for weed control that won’t damage the soil.

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Summer residents were convinced of the effectiveness of this method in practice. From the first time it will be possible to get rid of the quinoa, gerbil, milkweed.

If the plant has long enough roots, several servings of boiling water are needed.

Cooking scrambled eggs

Boiled eggs are healthier than fried eggs. It is worth collecting boiling water in a ladle so that it covers the bottom of the dish by ten centimeters. Put the container on a small fire.

Then break four eggs into a fine sieve. Let the rest of the protein drain, and then beat everything well. Pour the mixture into boiling water, create a cycle, armed with a spoon. The scrambled eggs will be ready in twenty seconds.

Perfect slices of bread

A wave-shaped knife will prevent you from cutting a fresh loaf of bread into neat slices. Usually the pieces crumble and crumple.

To prevent such problems, pour boiling water over the knife blade. This is your opportunity to prepare mouth-watering sandwiches that are not ashamed to serve on the festive table.

gap elimination

If the blockage in the bathroom or in the sink is not too strong, you can remove it by arming yourself with pots of boiling water.

Organic residues will quickly dissolve, become soft, so they will immediately pass through the sewer pipes. However, remember that the use of boiling water is prohibited when it comes to products made of PVC.

Disinfection of cutting boards

Cutting boards made of wood must not be cleaned with chemicals and a brush with hard bristles.

In the future, they will not qualitatively cope with their functions. However, disinfection of wooden boards is mandatory, as the fibers of the material quickly accumulate harmful bacteria. If you cut fish or meat, just pour boiling water over the surface of the accessory. Hot water will destroy all pathogenic microorganisms.

Getting rid of red wine stains

This technique is appropriate only if we are talking about things made of linen or cotton. It is important that the red wine stain is fresh, as stubborn stains cannot be removed.

Gently blot the stain with a tissue, and then stretch the damaged area of ​​the material over the pan. Pour boiling water over the fabric well.

If the stain does not disappear, treat the stain with salt, try pouring boiling water over the material again. Usually there is no trace left of the contaminated area.

Preparing wash towels

The skin will be cleansed of make-up residue better if you use a hot towel. Simply soak a terry cloth in boiling water. Then squeeze out excess moisture, wipe your face with smooth massaging movements.

After that, you can apply serum or night cream to the skin, as it will be perfectly absorbed into the cleansed pores.

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