What delphinium seedlings love: the basis of amazing flowering in summer

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Delphinium reacts to care with bright flowering, which lasts almost all summer.

The plant blooms in the second half of June. The first flowering lasts 25-30 days, and then the second may follow in August.

However, in order for the delphinium to illuminate the site with its beauty, several nuances must be taken into account. There are a number of tips that will help you better understand what this plant likes.

What does the delphinium like?

1. Seeds are stratified before sowing. Planting material is stored in the refrigerator for about a month.

Photo: Pixabay

2. The first days after sowing, make sure that the soil does not dry out. But it is important not to overdo it with watering.

3. The air temperature in the room where the seedlings are standing should be between +18 … +20 ° C.

4. When choosing soil, the choice should be made in favor of loose and nutritious soil. Heavy clay soil is the worst option.

5. Delphinium seedlings are sown no later than the end of March. Seedlings are planted in a permanent place at the end of spring.

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