Why tomato seedlings wither: 4 probable causes of the phenomenon

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The quality of the tomato seedlings depends on what the crop will be. If proper care is taken, then problems usually do not arise.

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  • Over watering
  • dense landing
  • Soil not suitable

But strong tomato seedlings are not always. She may wither, lose her healthy appearance.

This happens for certain reasons.

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If the seedlings drooped after such a procedure, then this means that they were badly injured. As a result, the plants no longer receive adequate nutrition.

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To solve the problem, they need to be moved to a warm place where there will be no direct sunlight.

Over watering

When the liquid stagnates in a flowerpot, the roots of the seedlings begin to rot.

It is necessary to reduce the number of waterings, as well as make holes in the bottom of containers with tomatoes. So the excess water will go away.

dense landing

When tomatoes are close to each other, they need more nutrition.

Since it is not enough, the seedlings wilt. If the planting turned out to be thick, it is necessary to thin it out, remove the weakest shoots.

Soil not suitable

In heavy soil, tomatoes will not grow well. If they are in this, then it is necessary to transplant them into loose soil. Soil acidification is also a problem that occurs if watering is carried out with hard water.

It is necessary to remove part of the soil that has acidified, replace it, and then irrigate only with settled water at room temperature.

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