You won’t believe what Emo Cholakov did for his new wife

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Emil Cholakov is a former weather forecaster and current host of the reality show One for Another. He is known for his unconventional and offbeat way of presenting information and his unfailing sense of humor.

Emo and his new wife Iveta are newlyweds, say colleagues of the TV star. The host of Nova TV’s hit show “Edin za drug” invested the royalties from the last four seasons of the show in a spacious house in the skirts of Vitosha, where with his suddenly swollen family they already had more space.

The property had two floors and had a view of the mountains, and Cholakov bought it as a surprise for his new home.

The audience’s favorite got married for the second time in the summer of 2021. They got married in a modest ceremony in a residential complex near Gotse Delchev in the company of only a handful of close people. His first wife Krasi died after a hard battle with cancer at only 39 years old.

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Almost nothing is known about Cholakov’s second wife, except that she was born in Godech and graduated from NBU. Emo does not reveal how and under what circumstances he met the mysterious Iveta, who is far from the media. Thanks to her, he was able to recover from the heavy life drama that ruined him. It was because of his first wife’s illness that he decided years ago to leave bTV so that he could be by her side during her treatment, but, unfortunately, the doctors could not save her.

Meanwhile, Emo continues to work in another place to provide a good life for his family. He is a meteorologist in the RVD at Sofia Airport.

See Emo Cholakov with long curly hair (PHOTO)

Acquaintances reveal that Cholakov continued to dream of a son and believe that the investment in a new and larger home reveals his intentions with Iveta to have a common heir, and thus their children will become four in total.

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