“Akelius’ entry shows how bizarre Swedish schools are”


When a property tycoon, Roger Akelius, buys up a school group, the shares plummet. The reason: He must invest the profits in the business and stop stock dividends. It’s no small deal, it affects 100,000 students. Akelius “thinks grades are disgusting” and wants to invest in “new ways to learn”. Akelius also thinks that “the rich have to pay everything for their children”.

As a teacher, you should perhaps think that the property tycoon’s entry into the school market is a good thing. Raising quality and forgoing profit sounds nice and is something new for the private school market.

But the magnate’s business is just another proof of how strange the Swedish school has become. He doesn’t seem to have a clue that the school is regulated by the Education Act – or else he ignores it, something he is not alone in doing. That anyone can control Sweden’s knowledge supply and play guru with responsibility for 100,000 students and 20,000 teachers and other employees is bizarre.

That school already now being torn apart by cheating ratings, segregation and AI entrepreneurs is apparently not enough. When will our Swedish elected officials realize that commercial interests have no business in the school world and take back control? Are they so obsessed with pleasing voters’ children with cheating grades or so mired in their own unhealthy relationships with the free school world?

Thanks to Roger Akelius for illustrating in a good way why the Swedish school world has become completely bizarre. It is high time that the state takes back control of the school.

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