DN Direkt – The EU’s former border chief joins the far-right party


2024-02-16 11:36

Updated 2024-02-16 11:41

In an attention-grabbing DN interview, Magdalena Andersson asked questions about the debater Henrik Jönsson, who she believes spreads “hate propaganda” against S.

– Who finances him? asks the S leader.

The statement quickly received criticism from several quarters. In an article in Aftonbladet that was published on Thursday evening, S’s press secretary Mirjam Kontio claimed that it is DN’s reporter who brought up Henrik Jönsson during the interview.

– The interview is on tape and it is Magdalena Andersson, and not DN’s reporter, who brings Henrik Jönsson to speak. That DN’s reporter then asks follow-up questions about what Andersson is referring to is a matter of course, says Anna Åberg, DN’s editorial director.

Aftonbladet removed Kontio’s quotes from the article on Thursday evening – but then put them back.

– There was a discussion with S’s press staff and then we needed to check something, says Martin Schori, deputy editor-in-chief at Aftonbladet to Expressen.


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