Political crisis in Senegal can be resolved after court decision


West Africa’s most stable democracy, Senegal, has been rocked by political unrest in recent weeks. This after outgoing president Macky Sall has tried to postpone the election, first supposed to be held on February 25, to mid-December. But now the crisis may have a solution. The Constitutional Court has given the president homework and annulled the controversial decision.

– It is good that the court made that decision, at least we are now halfway to a solution, says 55-year-old Mamadou Caba, who was interviewed by the news agency AFP on the street in Senegal’s capital, Dakar.

The opposition has accused the president, who is to step aside after two terms, to try to buy more time in the election process when his intended successor is not believed to have enough support to win. Sall decided in early February to postpone the election and at the vote in which the parliament ratified the decision, a number of opposition politicians were prevented from attending.

Since then, demonstrations have followed each other in Senegal, a country seen as a bastion of democracy in an increasingly troubled region where several countries have experienced military coups in recent years.

According to Reuters, the presidential office says the president “has taken note” of the decision in court.

– The President intends to carry out the Constitutional Court’s decision, they say in a statement.

Exactly when the election can be held is however unclear. A spokesperson for the government says according to AFP that a dialogue will now begin between the various parties. That the election can be held as planned, on February 25, is not likely. Macky Sall’s term officially expires on April 2 and this date is a final deadline for the opposition.

– The president has no choice: On April 2 he has to go, says opposition politician Khalifa Sall, according to AFP.


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