Romanian IT group has only women on the board


The IT industry is still heavily male-dominated. In Austria as well as in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. The top manager Simona Pavelescu, CEO The htss group (High-Tech Systems & Software) is an exception in this scene.

She is not just one of the few model women at the top of an IT company. The entire three-member board of the group consists exclusively of women. This is “somewhat atypical,” says Pavelescu, who was brought on board as restructuring manager in April 2023, in an interview with the KURIER. “But diversity brings with it many advantages.” Women are certainly more empathetic than men, “and notice much better how employees feel.” What is essential for the success of a company.

The fact that the entire board is now female was not originally intentional, but rather happened more or less by chance, “but I am very happy about it.” Overall, the proportion is women with htts around 35 percent.

1000 customers in 11 countries

The group, which has more than 400 employees and is based in Bucharest, has 1,000 customers in eleven countries and focuses on software solutions for companies. The focus is on developments for patients, doctors and pharmacists. An e-learning platform (mindclass) is also offered.

Success storiesPavelescu, who already has a distinguished international career behind her, wants to expand beyond the borders of Romania. The company cooperates with Romanian insurance companies of the VIG Group (Vienna Insurance Group).

Pavelescu did not want to reveal whether she is also planning a branch in Austria. That htss sponsoring the annual “Rumanian Day” is no coincidence. Under the motto “High-tech success stories, short and simple” were presented at the embassy in Vienna recently presented entrepreneurial Austrian-Romanian success stories. Almost a year after Austria’s veto against Romania’s accession to Schengen and the political excitement, “commercial similarities are once again predominant,” emphasizes Pavelescu.

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